Revolution wasn’t J.J. Abrams best work,but it stood out because of how relevant and timely the premise is. The idea that when we lose any and all electricity we’ll form a new world that doesn’t have us living like cavemen or villagers is really interesting. In S1,it was so good and all had these angles. S2 was a hot mess and even if things like Charlie/Monroe and Aaron starting fires was interesting,it all went downhill. I blame the ratings decline on Connor,Rachel, the repulsive Rachel/Bass kiss and the boring Nano storyline. Everyone was all over the place,there was too much focus on minor characters and we only got the best stuff towards the end.  Rachel is the worst character EM has ever played and she was a Mary Sue. As saddening as it is,shit happens.

There’s a massive Revolution relocation campaign going on and I’ve been doing my part,but it’s 60/40. If they’re going to waste time on Rachel/Bass and ruin Miles and Bass’s friendship yet again, I’m not going to bother. The two cities could have been interesting, but Rachel’s place is trying to stop the nano,not being with her family.

If Rachel and Miles are officially together,why would they ruin it? It makes Rachel’s character look bad,it’s degrading and it’s OOC for both characters. They should be fixing mistakes from this season in S3,not making things worse.

R.I.P. Revolution


Note: I plan to do a continuation of this article from a perspective of women and their media image.

Two weeks ago, a scene happened that made the entire tv portion of the fandom. In the altar of the mother, Cersei weeps for her dead son, Joffrey. Jamie is uncomfortable when she continues to keep calling him “our boy”, as he had no actual role in raising Joffrey. After Cersei begs him to avenge their son, he pulls her in his arms and soon after, they kiss. However, once Cersei sees his golden hand,she recoils in digest. Jamie gets angry, calls her “A hateful women” and asks why the gods made him love her. He kisses her and tries to initiate sex,but Cersei repeatedly asks him to stop and claims that it’s not right. Towards the end,she tries to cling to her sash and the altar.

This isn’t rape and “Oathkeeper” wasn’t about restoring Jamie’s character, either. GRRM states that in the books that it’s 100% consensual. If Jamie didn’t arrive until Cersei was weeping over her son’s body,then there was no fight, no rejection or anger on either party. The show changed things drastically and Brienne was locked up until Jamie freed her. Jamie has grown as a character,people are just misinterpreting the scene entirely too much. It’s gross, but it’s disturbing because it’s by their child’s corpse, not because it’s rape.

The show has shown rape several times,but never an actual scene. We don’t see Brienne as she screams during her captivity and the Dothraki who were raping the enemy’s women were completely in the background. The show doesn’t have as much misogyny as people think it does,even if there’s violence against women. Joffrey beat Sansa and killed Ros because he was an asexual sadist who enjoyed beatings and torture. Talisa was killed on the show(not the books) because she was why Robb broke the deal, not because hurting pregnant women is okay. As much as I despised the scene and freaked out,I did understand the reasoning behind it. It was to devastate Robb and show him what choosing love cost him.

They weren’t particular about raping Craster’s daughters either, aside from that one scene. Even then,it was shown because the watchmen who killed Mormont were crazy. If anything, this scene,as well as the one with drinking trough a skull was what we should have focused on. The men get tortured as well and Game of Thrones is popular because it’s darker and grittier than other fantasy shows. It’s also on HBO, which is why we see so many boobs and asses.

In a show where someone gets their penis cut off, a pregnant woman gets murdered, children get burned alive and an animal’s head gets sown onto the body of his master’s corpse,can we just go back to watching? It’s nothing new and if we survived the Red Wedding, we survived the worst of it. The actors are ambivalent for the same reason a lot of people are. If it’s based on source material, then ultimately, it’s not rape. You can’t get angry with them for questioning something that they were told is consensual. Yes,it was creepy and disturbing,but even though the show changed the storyline, the scene’s intent never did.

Is it or isn’t it?


Last week, Resurrection and Believe premiered. I’ve never been able to start reviewing shows because I missed the train for most of my shows. I still plan on trying to review them, but these have given me a chance to make a fresh start, much like Resurrection. Both have to do with faith and belief, but they have one big difference: The protagonist.

Resurrection is about an FBI agent who’s charged with taking a missing boy to social services. When Jacob tells him where his home is, the agent takes him back to Arcadia, MO. Jacob Langston turns out to be the dead son of the Henry and Lucille family. As everyone starts to question Jacob’s identity, another miracle happens. Another character, Elaine sees her dead father again after a confrontation with her brother.

This show was extremely interesting and character-driven, with Omar Epps as Agent Bellamy, the agent who takes Jacob home to Arcadia. I’d give this show four stars.

Believe premiered on Monday night and went to its usual time slot, Sundays at 9 p.m. The show is about a young girl named Bo who possesses Supernatural powers. Whoever has her can use her as a weapon for good or evil. A criminal named Tate is her reluctant protector.  In the end of the premiere, it’s revealed that Tate is her father, although neither of them are aware.

Both shows are feel good and a pleasant alternative to all the current mid-season shows, but at the end of the day Resurrection is the show that’s worth watching. Believe is too much like Touch and the main difference is that Bo can talk and her father doesn’t know he’s her father. The supernatural portion is an overused trope and NBC already has two shows that either have a Supernatural element(Revolution)or are Supernatural, like Dracula. Believe doesn’t have enough to make it stand out on its own. I’d give it three stars.

Feel-good shows that add substance to the mix


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