delayed reactions


Are you all trying to kill me,show? I heard about Bonnie’s death and how Jeremy reacted, but no one told me about Donnie(Yes,that’s what I’m calling it). I don’t even ship these two(platonically or otherwise) and they gave me all sorts of feels. 😦


The Vampire Diaries

I gave up on this show until Bonnie came back. Bonnie always gets the short end of the stick and so did her relationship with Jeremy. This episode made up for every season that she never got to shine. It was powerful and there was multi-shipping moments.

I hate that they brought back Tyler, though. I do get why they brought back Enzo since he got Silas to help them,but Tyler is a fucking asshole. He wanted to kill a pregnant woman and fetus,he betrayed his friends on multiple occasions and has nothing left to add to the show. I don’t see the point in bringing back Alaric,but I think that they did because Elena and Jeremy will need someone to take care of them. Even if they’re not in high school anymore,being adopted would mean the world to them.

Lexie was finally interesting and her sacrifice was amazing. She didn’t just worry about Stefan, she worried about Bonnie. No one really does, even if it’s unintentional. I’m really glad that Liz lived, too-She’s the only adult who’s always been around.

I really doubt that Damon is permanently dead,but if he is, Matt and Elena should give it another go. I don’t know if she’s still a vampire since she felt drowning again,but she and Matt can work.

If the show keeps this direction with Bonnie going, I’ll watch season 6.