Witches of East End and Boardwalk Empire

Witches of East End: A shipper’s dream come true,even if the ending was bittersweet. We finally got love scenes for Dashing and Frillian,even if Dash screwed up royally and Killian is still under Eva’s spell. I don’t care about Frederic and Wendy’s love lives, but Wendy letting a mortal onto her secret was huge. Frederic being overprotective was awesome,but his comment confused me to no end. If you’re spoiled about the books or read them,you’ll understand why it was out of the blue.

I want Dashing to happen,but Dash really does need to redeem himself. He’s been making excuses left and right and what he’s been doing is fucked up. Even if Tarkoff is an asshole,I love James Marsters and his interaction with Joanna. I feel sorry Frederic’s girlfriend,though. She shouldn’t wind up being the king’s new host. I think Frederic dies or it wouldn’t be as emotional,nor would the betrayal string so badly.

Boardwalk Empire: It was confusing. All the flashbacks were unclear and contained unnecessary information. We didn’t even see Eli, we saw Nucky’s sister who obviously died before the show started. I don’t care that he was poor,a bastard or anything else. The current situation is important and I hope he doesn’t get nostalgic anymore. I need to know what happened with Harrow’s death, Narcisse and more about Chalky than we got.




Witches of East End

I’ve been waiting for an episode like this. Dash and Ingrid are really hot and a much better couple than Freya and Killian. I hate that he killed Kyle’s father,though.  It’s going to bite him in the ass,she won’t be understanding and he could lose her.  I hate how angsty Freya and Killian are. I knew Eva was up to something,but she’s actually an old woman? That’s disgusting and I’m glad Killian was able to warn himself before he was back under her spell. She’s scary as hell and attacking him with the glass was nuts. I wonder what she’s using him for-It can’t just be sex.  James Marsters is in everything these days. I had no idea that Frederic was hosting the king because it made no sense. He’s an interesting character,but we need a backstory on the king’s condition before I stop being skeptical.

Salem finale

It was awesome and I look forward to next season. I was shocked about some parts and disappointed about others,though. The breakdown:

-Mercy,why are you alive? What goes around comes around and it’s your fault that your friends are all dead. No one fucks with Tituba and gets away with it.

-Hale and his wife’s death was so nasty. Anne will feel like crap once she calms down and realizes what she’s done. Hale was nowhere near as bad as Mary, Mercy and Tituba. She killed her parents and she’ll have that stain on her for good. That being said,she’ll be a scary-ass witch hunter.

The Indians’ fascination with John is extremely curious. They’ve saved him not once,but twice. They need to show what happened to him when he was at War. I loved Increase’s death and that Cotton was the one who did it. Increase deserved what he got and he was played until the end. I doubt Isaac will live and I cried like a little kid.

Mary’s child is a huge source of questions. Why wait until now? Were they ever planning to show him? How will John feel about this? It’s food for thought and hopefully season 2 gives us insight.


Witches of East End

This episode was really shipper-heavy,but I liked it. Dash/Ingrid is awesome and I can’t get enough of them.  Seeing the triangle with Freya in the 70’s was fun and so was Joanna with a female lover. Getting answers about the Mandragora was great and explains the sex portion. I love that Dash was there for Ingrid and hope that he winds up okay. I was worried that Frederic was the Mandragora at first,but his seizure and the symbol mean something else.  Ava is really,really boring. If she’s a witch,they need to do more with her. She doesn’t even feel like much of a threat,considering that she’s barely around.

Silicon Valley

This episode was funny,even if all the dick jokes were juvenille. Jared cracked me up with his PTSD and Shannon and Richard were cute. Last week was dull and this was amazing-I’m so over the Game of Thrones bullshit.

Sunday reviews

Now that every show except for Revolution and Orphan Black are done for the season, I plan on doing daily reviews. Until summer season starts, this is the format.

Game of Thrones: This is the best season so far. I was spoiled,but this far surpassed my expectations. Lyssa did all sorts of insane things for a man who’s in love with her mother. I think it’s nasty that he kissed Sansa,but she knows that he’s always loved Catelyn.  Why the hell did he kiss Sansa right after telling her that he could have been her father? I want to throw up and he’s even crazier than Lyssa.

I loved Oberyn’s talk with Tyrion. Cersei’s actions when he was a baby have a lot to do why I hate her. I hate Tywin for what happened to Elia,but seeing as the Mountain raped her, he needs to die first. Everyone’s left Tyrion and abandoned him,even Bronn. I hate that Jaime has to keep his end of the bargain,even if Tyrion wanted a trial by combat.

The parts with Arya and the Hound were boring and so were the ones with Brienne and Podrick. To be honest, it’s a weak and unnecessary storyline. It’s not adding anything to the story and it’s boring to boot.   Daneyrs and Daario was fun,but I’m getting tired of how hypocritical she is. She’s not even listening to her advisors and her thing about slavers is old news. The conversation between Melissandre and the queen was boring too and only Jon’s portion was relevant.

Silicon Valley: I didn’t like this episode. While Jared/Richard would be a fun crackship, the rest was boring. The part abut Gilefoy’s code was funny,but the rest was stupid. I can’t tell if Pied Piper as compression software has been an epic fail or they just lost the contest, but either way, I didn’t enjoy it.


Sunday’s reviews

It’s mother’s day, so I missed Once Upon a Time.  I no longer watch Salem and plan to do reviews on Silicon Valley after Revenge airs its finale.

Game of Thrones: I was spoiled,but it was still great to see.  I didn’t know about Dany’s part and enjoyed it a lot,as well as the council talking about her. Shae looks bitter and it adds to things-So does Jamie. He made a deal, although there’s no point asking for the Wall. It never happens and he’ll probably die the way Ned did. Tyrion’s speech was the best part and they really are assholes.

Revenge: What the serious fuck, show? This is almost like “How I Met Your Mother”, only there were delicious parts. I’m done with the show,but it did have its moments. We all saw Charlotte realizing Jack set her free and some of us guessed that Aiden would die,but I didn’t think that Conrad would. I didn’t think Victoria would wind up in an asylum,either. Gideon has a problem the way the rest of his family does,but Daniel suffering makes up for leaving the poor prostitute for dead.

Emily walking away was epic,though. If only it were enough-David is alive. He’s the world’s worst father,he’s creepy as hell, he scared one daughter and made her distraught and ruined Emily’s life. She threw away chances for happiness, children and any kind of life, all to get revenge on the people who ruined her and her father’s lives. Why the hell couldn’t he do it?

I can’t stand it when shows kill the premise of the show. It makes no sense,it pisses off the fans and S4 will have a lot less returning viewers. I could have watched Silicon Valley tonight-At least it would be consistent. No one’s leaving Palo Alto, going fishing in Alaska or anything analog.

Sunday reviews

Sunday is always the biggest tv day for me. Now that Game of Thrones is on and Salem has started, I’ve decided to watch Resurrection  and Revenge OnDemand.

Game of Thrones: It was awesome. Jaime and Brienne parted on better terms than I was told the book was.  Cersei is a crazy bitch,but at least she doesn’t think crazy sex by her child’s dead body is a-okay. This tainted Jamie a little less, but the scene is what it was. I’m glad I was right about lady Olenna. Initially,I thought it was Margaery,but this makes more sense. Lady Olenna knew that Sansa was going to be escaping, the necklace had the poison and it was win-win. Insulting Renly and Loras openly was disgusting, even if the crap with the Starks and Stannis was a given.

Seeing Tyrion and Jamie talk about being kingslayers was great. He really is screwed and it’s nice to know that one person gives a shit. If he had done it,he wouldn’t have been so obvious. Sansa is a much more likely suspect and the fact that she ran away makes her look even guiltier.

I feel sorry for Sansa. Littlefinger is a creepy pedophile and Catelyn is rolling over in her grave. I really doubt Lyssa even cares. She was weird when Catelyn came to see her in season one, even if Bran was her nephew. I could be wrong, who knows. Either way, Littlefinger is going to be a perv behind her back.

The Starks can’t go a season without shit happening,can they? I’m not surpassed about Jon, aside from the fact that he and everyone else bought those people’s bullshit. Everyone told Bran not to go north of the wall,but he did it,anyway. Now Summer and Ghost are screwed, he’s with a creepy asshole who drinks out of his commander’s skull and Jojen had a seizure. I really doubt Bran won’t get his ass kicked before Jon gets there.

I love that we finally saw what the Walkers wanted with the boys. If they’re seriously the Old Gods like I think they are,I will die laughing.  They’ve been worshiping the same damn thing that killed them over a thousand years ago. I liked this portion more than Dany’s stuff in Mereen. It’s getting boring and Ser Barrister was right to tell her to show mercy.

Salem: This show just keeps getting better. Having George finally talk was awesome and John really will hate Mary if he ever finds out. Her conflicted feelings will bite her in the ass and I don’t get why she gave Bridget the doll. I’m wondering about the circle, though. I don’t remember seeing a hand last week and circles meet up for various reasons. John’s voice of reason is slightly dangerous either way. People will think he’s a witch if he keeps questioning their decisions.

Resurrection: Wow. Rachel dying was anticlimactic and I only care because the actor who plays Tom is really good. Gary was a crazy asshole and even if she was acting, Rachel was right. A knife won’t hurt her and he was still attacking a pregnant woman. The fact that hundreds of dead people from various eras is kind of scary. I hate how Jacob is always involved and now yet another little kid is.

Revenge: The show is finally back. I’ll admit,I checked the boards after the episode aired. I still didn’t expect it to be so delicious. She played the role of FBI agent so well and it’s a shame that Emily couldn’t have gone after her father’s killers legally. Pascal’s death was gory,but karma is karma. As usual, Daniel is a shithead,but Conrad got his hands dirty. Also, his face and clothes, which was a surprise.

Even if Victoria is paying for her sins, part of me feels a little bad for her. It’s probably because once in awhile, she’s shown slight glimmers of humanity. I really doubt David is alive because it would ruin the point of the show. This is Revenge, not How I Met Your Mother. I think it must have been a relative of his or just another person who wants to avenge him.

Nolan was the man and I can’t feel sorry for Margaux anymore. She let a good man go,she’s falling into the arms of a sicko and the quest for answers she had originally started on will knock her off her feet when she hears the truth. I am worried for Charlotte,though-Who knows what they’ll do to her and the Graysons getting theirs doesn’t mean that she needs to be dragged into it.

Sunday’s reviews

Unfortunately, I missed Once Upon A Time and the first had of Ressuerction. I’ll review them tomorrow, but today, I’m sharing my thoughts on Game of Thrones.

This episode was perfection and Joffrey’s death, Loras and Oberon flirting, Ramsey getting yelled at and of course, Joffrey’s death. The way his eyes bugged out made me and everyone else do the happy dance. I can’t wait until the next death occurs and I’m glad they’re being so swift and precise this season. Oberyn was awesome and his comments to Tywin were fun.  Brienne and Cersei’s scenes were awesome. Brienne deserves Jaime a lot more and their kids won’t be crazy, inbred psychos. It isn’t like Cersei even wants him anymore-His hand repulses her.

Natalie Dormier is one of the best actresses for period pieces and anything involving the past. Her gown was stunning, Margarey is awesome and she’s a trooper for trying to keep calm and survive having such a humiliating wedding.

Why did they show Tyrion eating a sausage? That was gross and I’m just glad that I ate dinner by then. I felt so bad for him when he rejected Shae and sent her away. She really would have been killed and he has a duty to Sansa. I’m sure that he’ll be happy for her if he finds out that she ran away.

I really, really hate Ramsey. I don’t know if that girl was his girlfriend or sister, but hunting that girl down for such a stupid reason wasn’t bizarre, it was gross. Torturing Theon and castrating him without orders was serious bullshit. Everyone knows that hostages are powerful leverage when they’re alive and in one piece. Theon is useless and I’m glad that the Boltons can’t have the Iron Islands..  Bran’s scenes were interesting, but out of sorts. It should have occurred next week and had a serious disconnect from the others. Even the Baratheon scenes were, it was just cute when Melissandra interacted with Shireen.

Why does Game of Thrones always play such creepy music? It’s a bit too effective for foreshadowing and makes my skin crawl.