Doctor Who

Twelve is a fucking douche…and I’m loving it. They weren’t kidding about making him dark and serious,his lines were hilarious and I’ve never wanted to punch him before. This episode startled me,but I like that The Doctor is less human, more cynical and darker. The War Doctor showed us how serious he can be, so Twelve being like this isn’t a big deal,in my opinion.

I pitied that poor Dalek,though. The self-loathing and cannibal tendencies he got in the end because of The Doctor was so sad and it became a decent creature. Tsk,tsk-They should have just put it out of its misery. Speaking of misery,who is that woman who keeps saying they’re in heaven? The Doctor doesn’t believe in god or Satan and considers everything to be scientific, so how can heaven as we know it truly exist? It’s a bit deep for the show and I’m uneasy about watching the puzzle unfold.


Orphan Black finale

Holy shit. I have so many thoughts and feelings on this. Of all people, hillbilly Proleathean Mark is a clone? They should have used his sperm and Helena’s eggs instead. I can barely think, so I’ll say what I can process.

I hate that Rachel sent Delphine away,but she got blinded, which makes me smile. I felt sorry for her about Ethan,but then she dropped the samples to punish Sarah for not passing on information she doesn’t even have. Poor Ethan-He died to save his creations, even if it meant that Rachel would have to see him die.

Paul is full of crap and he never has a side other than his own. If Helena was sent to his people, she’s screwed. If Jesse is involved, then he needs an ass-kicking. I thought he was just some random guy. Paul’s the world’s crappiest double agent and neither side really trusts him.

Helena meeting the clones made me cry and so did Cosima almost dying. She’s been through so much and she gets ripped away from the family she’s been so desperate to find. Cosima hugging her was so amazing. I get why they’ll kill Cosima if it happens,but it’s still depressing. Sarah meeting the little clone was sweet as well.



Orphan Black

This episode was so intense. I couldn’t even keep up with my tweets!

I loved Donnie and Allison’s scenes,as well as Rachel and Ethan’s. All this time,she’s been wondering why Sarah is so special and gets to have children,it turns out that Sarah isn’t special,she’s a failure.

Tony is so hot and even if I normally hate incest,I can see myself shipping him and Felix. Hell,even with Sarah. Aside from Soccer Cop, I can get into those two. I loved Cophine’s scenes and hope that Cosima isn’t going to die. It would be depressing, but at the same time,I’d get it if they did kill her. Normally,I’m ambivalent about Cosima,but she cracked me up this episode. Her pwn’ing Scott and the others,then getting baked with Delphine was awesome.

The more we find out,the more that I pity Beth. She was sitting on something huge and she stumbled across a clone who had a connection to her boyfriend. Maybe she knew she’s probably die either way and beat them to the punch. I’m curious as to what Paul’s secret is.

Kira wasn’t creepy and psychic in this episode,which is great. Ethan shouldn’t have read her “The Island of Doctor Moreau”,though. She’s a little girl,it’s creepy and most kids aren’t Rachel. I loved the family reunion and it drew away from how annoying Kira is.

Orphan Black

Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley weren’t on this past weekend and I’m doing a different post on Revolution,since it’s been canceled.

This show just keeps getting better. Helena was hilarious and so was Allison. I loved the bonding between Sarah and Helena-It was too cute. I don’t know enough about genetics to process the technical portion,but if they’re not clones,what are they? We really need Dr. Duncan to reveal more. If Rachel became the way she is because of her mother,then she’s slightly easier to understand. Paul is beyond lame and any time with him is wasted. If Mrs. S hadn’t brought over tea to talk business,I’d be annoyed.

Poor Allison-She can’t trust anyone but Felix,can she? I wish Angie would just go away. Her character is unnecessary, Art gets better results and her attempts never work. The fact that they had to bring back Vic is just sad. I’m just hoping that some good comes out of those scenes and this storyline.