Pretty Little Liars

This episode. I knew Mona would die,but ick-So messy. Jesus,Ali-Show some fucking class. That much blood is ridiculous and it’s still possible that DNA evidence could have been left behind. I wanted to slap the smug look on her face and don’t get why anyone would believe a word out of that bitch’s mouth. Emily,you’re an idiot for picking Ali over Paige.

I wonder who discovered the mess in Mona’s room. It didn’t sound like Hannah and she would have been a mess either way. It was probably Emily since she’s a sensitive soul,but no confirmation. I think the liars will avenge Mona-She helped them in the end,risked her safety and apologized. It was nasty to kill her like that,they’re not monsters and one of them has got to feel guilty for what happened. Mona’s mother…I sniffled,I just couldn’t help it. ┬áThat doll was so fucking creepy. Ali and Mona’s doll obsession-I never liked it.

Mona was Jenna’s stand in,but she was a great villain. She and Mike were really cute,too. He’s going to be a mess and he’ll need Aria right now. Hopefully she makes time for him instead of helping Ezra make more pie. Poor Spencer-She’s screwed and if they find Melissa’s tape,it’s only going to make things worse. Hopefully,it gets buried before the cops can find it.



Pretty Little Liars

This episode was interesting. They’re finally showing the real Ali, Emily turned on Ali and Mona is back to being A. Hannah and Caleb were great and so were the Ella and Aria scenes. Ezra is an asshole,though. He knows that there are trust issues between him and Aria, yet he did exactly what she asked him not to. God, those poor homeless kids. Ali must have beaten them up pretty good.

I’m wondering who’s going to die next week. I doubt it’s Melissa and it’s probably Noel, but they said a liar will die.

Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters

I feel so dumb for missing the first episodes of my shows. I have to catch up on Switched at Birth tomorrow, so then I’ll be good.

The Fosters: I really, really hate Callie’s storyline. It’s stupid, it’s contrived and the only good part was seeing Kerr Smith looking like an old man. I was mad about Vico,but not as mad as this thing with Dani. Brandon will recover from his injuries,but he’s not going to be okay with his father’s girlfriend the creepy pedophile. Why the hell did she hook up with her boyfriend’s teenage son? What the hell is wrong with her? She doesn’t love him and she can use finding Mike drunk and bloody against him. Callie and Wyatt are cute and Brandon can/should move on. It was doomed, they both know what it would cost them and she needs a normal life. The couple that creeps me out is Mariana and that girl she’s trying to copy. Her girlcrush is similar to what a lot of minority women feel when they’re growin up. I always assumed that it died in the 90’s,but I suppose not. That need to compare yourself to a Caucasian girl and see them as the standard of beauty will probably be timeless.

PLL has some book spoilers,so if you haven’t heard it from others or guessed theories on who A is, you’ve been warned.

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