Pretty Little Liars

This episode. I knew Mona would die,but ick-So messy. Jesus,Ali-Show some fucking class. That much blood is ridiculous and it’s still possible that DNA evidence could have been left behind. I wanted to slap the smug look on her face and don’t get why anyone would believe a word out of that bitch’s mouth. Emily,you’re an idiot for picking Ali over Paige.

I wonder who discovered the mess in Mona’s room. It didn’t sound like Hannah and she would have been a mess either way. It was probably Emily since she’s a sensitive soul,but no confirmation. I think the liars will avenge Mona-She helped them in the end,risked her safety and apologized. It was nasty to kill her like that,they’re not monsters and one of them has got to feel guilty for what happened. Mona’s mother…I sniffled,I just couldn’t help it.  That doll was so fucking creepy. Ali and Mona’s doll obsession-I never liked it.

Mona was Jenna’s stand in,but she was a great villain. She and Mike were really cute,too. He’s going to be a mess and he’ll need Aria right now. Hopefully she makes time for him instead of helping Ezra make more pie. Poor Spencer-She’s screwed and if they find Melissa’s tape,it’s only going to make things worse. Hopefully,it gets buried before the cops can find it.



delayed reactions


Are you all trying to kill me,show? I heard about Bonnie’s death and how Jeremy reacted, but no one told me about Donnie(Yes,that’s what I’m calling it). I don’t even ship these two(platonically or otherwise) and they gave me all sorts of feels. 😦

Wednesday Reviews

“Young and Hungry” wasn’t what I thought it was. It was hilarious and didn’t need swearing or anything most tv sitcoms on network channels. I think the problem with shows like this is that they over-promote and turn potential viewers off by having the same jokes shown hundreds of times.

I missed last week’s “Mystery Girls”, but I just love this show. I’ve wanted 90210 reunions and this is a great one. It’s not corny,it’s not Disney and it has realistic content. I don’t plan on reviewing it next time,but that’s because I rarely have much of an opinion when it comes to sitcoms.

Orphan Black finale

Holy shit. I have so many thoughts and feelings on this. Of all people, hillbilly Proleathean Mark is a clone? They should have used his sperm and Helena’s eggs instead. I can barely think, so I’ll say what I can process.

I hate that Rachel sent Delphine away,but she got blinded, which makes me smile. I felt sorry for her about Ethan,but then she dropped the samples to punish Sarah for not passing on information she doesn’t even have. Poor Ethan-He died to save his creations, even if it meant that Rachel would have to see him die.

Paul is full of crap and he never has a side other than his own. If Helena was sent to his people, she’s screwed. If Jesse is involved, then he needs an ass-kicking. I thought he was just some random guy. Paul’s the world’s crappiest double agent and neither side really trusts him.

Helena meeting the clones made me cry and so did Cosima almost dying. She’s been through so much and she gets ripped away from the family she’s been so desperate to find. Cosima hugging her was so amazing. I get why they’ll kill Cosima if it happens,but it’s still depressing. Sarah meeting the little clone was sweet as well.