Salem finale

It was awesome and I look forward to next season. I was shocked about some parts and disappointed about others,though. The breakdown:

-Mercy,why are you alive? What goes around comes around and it’s your fault that your friends are all dead. No one fucks with Tituba and gets away with it.

-Hale and his wife’s death was so nasty. Anne will feel like crap once she calms down and realizes what she’s done. Hale was nowhere near as bad as Mary, Mercy and Tituba. She killed her parents and she’ll have that stain on her for good. That being said,she’ll be a scary-ass witch hunter.

The Indians’ fascination with John is extremely curious. They’ve saved him not once,but twice. They need to show what happened to him when he was at War. I loved Increase’s death and that Cotton was the one who did it. Increase deserved what he got and he was played until the end. I doubt Isaac will live and I cried like a little kid.

Mary’s child is a huge source of questions. Why wait until now? Were they ever planning to show him? How will John feel about this? It’s food for thought and hopefully season 2 gives us insight.



Pretty Little Liars

This episode was interesting. They’re finally showing the real Ali, Emily turned on Ali and Mona is back to being A. Hannah and Caleb were great and so were the Ella and Aria scenes. Ezra is an asshole,though. He knows that there are trust issues between him and Aria, yet he did exactly what she asked him not to. God, those poor homeless kids. Ali must have beaten them up pretty good.

I’m wondering who’s going to die next week. I doubt it’s Melissa and it’s probably Noel, but they said a liar will die.

Monday TV

Switched at Birth: Hoo,boy…this one was huge. Daphne’s behavior finally stopped and it’s obvious that next week,she’s going to screw up her future.  I like the prom portion and how Bay stood up for Natalie and Hilary. She found a healthy connection to her father and didn’t mess up her future. In all fairness, Regina’s behavior has been pretty shitty. She’s not just with Chip Koto,she’s going to finally kiss Wes. Why? Angelo hasn’t been dead long, he has his suspicions and he’s an asshole.

The Fosters: This episode was fantastic. I always thought Mariana had self-loathing issues,but she doesn’t. It’s all due to Ana,but I’m wondering how she and Lexie bonded. Wouldn’t she have gotten exposure to her culture through Lexie’s parents? What do Steph and Lena have to do with it? If anything,Lena is supportive and encouraging. Her love interest is boring and so is Brandon’s. Go away, Lou-You’re ugly as hell, he can’t trust you and you gave him pot. Halley isn’t boring, but she’s a crazy bitch,which is worse. She’s manipulating Jesus, he’s afraid of making her upset and getting a tattoo to win her back is just bullshit. Only Callie has a decent love interest and I hope she forgives Wyatt. He and Brandon were just trying to have her back and caring too much is a lot worse than not caring at all.

Under the Dome: What the hell? This episode blew my mind. The abyss leads to Zenith? Why? What’s the Obelisk for? I don’t care about Barbie’s backstory,I care about the red door and that painted door on the grass. I’m also wondering why Lyle of all people went crazy. Is he finally guilty about what he did.   If Pauline trusted Sam,why did she make sure that only Lyle knew? How is she taking Melanie being back from the dead?

Big Jim has seriously hit a new low. His idea of “comforting” his son was despicable and using Barbie’s death is just low. I feel bad for Julia,but she’s the monarch. She has a job to do and protecting the kids trumps staying ahead of Big Jim.


Witches of East End

This episode was really shipper-heavy,but I liked it. Dash/Ingrid is awesome and I can’t get enough of them.  Seeing the triangle with Freya in the 70’s was fun and so was Joanna with a female lover. Getting answers about the Mandragora was great and explains the sex portion. I love that Dash was there for Ingrid and hope that he winds up okay. I was worried that Frederic was the Mandragora at first,but his seizure and the symbol mean something else.  Ava is really,really boring. If she’s a witch,they need to do more with her. She doesn’t even feel like much of a threat,considering that she’s barely around.

Monday Night tv

Switched at Birth: Daphne’s behavior is bullshit. She’s acting like a ho,she’s drinking now and Bay is right. I get why she’s angry with Regina,but doing drugs, fooling around with a boy she barely knew and drinking is the wrong way to go about it. I mean,no one likes Chip Koto and she’s had tension with Wes,but she’s on probation. If she gets arrested for good, she only has herself to blame.  Regina and Katherine’s scenes cracked me up. It was the perfect balance to the angst with the girls.

The Fosters: Oh, boy…relationship drama. So,so fucking boring. Brandon’s forced relationship with blowfish,Mariana and a guy who pulls her pigtails and Halley manipulating Jesus-Who cares? I only care that he snapped at poor Stef when she didn’t deserve it. I liked the storyline with the girls-Poor Kol. She’s not a freak and she’ll be happy in an LGBT home.

Under The Dome: Wow. This episode was crazy and so much happened.

I agree with what Norrie said and Melanie needs to stop flirting with everyone. Her purpose wound up being so important and she doesn’t need love interests. I wish she had said goodbye to Sam,but his character didn’t deserve happiness. He killed Angie,he sounds crazy and Pauline didn’t trust him because she knew he’d kill her son.  I’m glad Joe and Norrie are back together-They’re too cute for words. If Rebecca is remorseful,then she can be an extremely useful ally to everyone.

I’d hate for Barbie to die,but it would keep things going. Plus,if he’s connected to Zenith,someone has to find out about it.

Finding Carter

Ugh…I can barely watch episode 2. I had to watch it out of order since Mtv wouldn’t load the second episode,but even if I like the cast,I want to kick Carter’s ass. The bitch has a problem and even if Elizabeth can be a pain in the ass, it was cruel to make her think that she was losing her kid. She can be as mean as she wants to everyone else,but in the end,her feelings and her mom are all that matter.

The 3rd episode was better, mainly because I like Max/Taylor. She deserves better than stupid Gabe and he’s an asshole. He’s not attractive enough for either of them and Max seems to like her. Overall, the show is too much like Skins and Carter is Effy.

Finding Carter

I loved it. I mainly chose to watch for Kat Prescott, but the show is great. We obviously have to see more of the mother, but she seriously is a bitch. No one approves of teenage drinking, smoking or drugs, but geez. She just got her kid back and she hasn’t said she loved her at all. The bitch has a pole up her ass and she’s emotionally constipated. That being said, I love the actress and have since she was on Guiding Light. Alexis Densioff being the dad to two teenagers makes me feel like such an old lady.

Gabe is ugly,but Carter’s siblings are cute. I feel sorry for Taylor,but it’s a classic trope. I think she’ll warm up to her father a little, but mainly because he’s giving her space and trying harder to make her feel welcome and trust her. The grandparents were too much, but all grandpa’s and grannies are like that. They’d suck if they didn’t give you hugs, make you cookies and other grandparent-ish things.  I wonder if the guy who plays Wyatt on the Fosters is on the show on a reoccurring basis or he was just in the pilot.

I’m also curious as to what Linda Stevens has to say. She is a loving mother, although Elizabeth may have issues because of what happened. It just seems like she’s like this with the kids she raised as well. Taylor never went to a single party? Seriously?


Monday’s reviews

Note: I haven’t seen the premiere of Switched at Birth and missed part of last season’s finale-I’ll cover it later in the week.

The Fosters: This episode was awesome. I only have so much to say. Brandon’s love interest is hideous, Jude and Connor need to admit they like each other and I’m wondering if that conversation Mariana had with Brandon’s bandmate meant that she wasn’t like them because of her character or because of cultural values she has as a Latina.

Switched At Birth: Pretty good episode,had a lot of action. My favorite parts? Sheree called bullshit, Katherine and Deborah solved their conflict amicably and once again, the class conflict became an issue. Also, Katherine’s comment about needing a Tums cracked me up. It was such a classic old married couple thing to say.  I’m glad that Regina and Daphne reconciled, but in my opinion, it’s far from over. I loved the ending, although I shouldn’t have been surprised that Melody was staying.

Under The Dome: What the hell?! Enough with character deaths this year!

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