Arrow and The Flash

I missed portions of Arrow while I was tweeting, so I plan to rewatch. Both shows were spectacular,but I enjoyed The Flash a lot more. Arrow,why the hell did you kill Sara? WTF? It wasn’t necessary in order to make Laurel the Canary and if it’s Ra’s Al Ghul, his relationship with Nyssa would be affected. I think he’s the most likely suspect,though. It could have been the person she was assigned to kill. Olicity ending as soon as it started was bittersweet,even if we got  kissing, a date and an “I love you”. I suppose it makes sense since she’ll be seeing Barry soon,but still.

The crossover scenes on both shows were too cute for words. I want these two to be friends,even if they both have a romantic interest in Felicity. Felicity is much better than Iris, Barry’s LI on The Flash. I know she’s canon,but she’s not that bright, she’s ordinary and suffers from “Main Girl” syndrome. He needs someone closer to his IQ level and she seems kind of boring. Then again, I’m a rabid Barry/Felicity shipper,so I’m biased.

On the Arrow,Roy was on fire as Arsenal. I feel bad for him since it cost him Thea,but it’s something he needs to do to give him purpose. He’s a great addition to the team and he handled himself really well. I liked Diggle’s scenes a lot, too. We don’t get enough on him and both his scenes with Lilah and Oliver were superb.  Felicity has chemistry with everyone and I liked her interaction with Brandon Routh’s new character. I hope she does take the job he’s offering-It’s messed up to see her at a Best Buy.

The Flash is really awesome. I love Barry and would even if he wasn’t played by such a hot guy. His allies are interesting, although Caitlyn didn’t stand out much. We’re supposed to see her be blank and controlled,so it’s okay that the others overwhelmed her. Barry having a steady family influence is what makes him different from Oliver. He has a humble background, a regular job and responsibilities he can’t ignore.  I’ll give Iris the chance to improve, but she’s boring and ordinary. She’s better off with that cop-Barry can be free to date Felicity and possibly Caitlin. The fact that his surrogate father knows reminds me of Smallville and Buffy. The scene between Barry and his father was sweet and the fact that Henry is played by the original Flash makes it even better. I’m seriously wondering what Harrison’s intentions are. He’s from the future and someone on the show sent him back in time. Who? Why? What happened?


Witches of East End finale

Gah…I liked it and I didn’t. The good stuff:

  • Killian didn’t die
  • The king did
  • Tarkoff was stuck in the past
  • Raven nailed Dash in a way that I could actually handle.
  • Edgar Allen Poe

Aside from that? No…just fucking no. Enough with the rape, misogyny and violence already. Eva raped Killian and tried to get pregnant, Ingrid got raped by the Mandragora and now Joanna. Frederic didn’t rape his girlfriend,but he ritually abused her. It was in character for Tarkoff,but James Marsters trying to rape yet another woman he supposedly loves pissed me off. Perhaps with another actor I wouldn’t have reacted as strongly,but it has more to do with overkill. Killian’s rape felt like a cheap trick to add drama and conflict.

I’m not sad that Frederic died since he couldn’t really be redeemed and someone needed to die for good,but Joanna has gone through too much. Wendy will probably live since they’re doing the underworld storyline,but Frederic was the victim of a witch hunter,which is going to be interesting. I loved how she played Dash and arrested him. What he did to Killian was fucked up and I’m through with Dashing. Ingrid being pregnant is yet another cheap source of drama and it could be a rape baby. if not,it has a wicked father who has no right to be around children. He can’t love anyone, he’s a selfish liar and needs to pay for what he’s done.

The portion with hell pissed me off. Hel rules the underworld,but the Norse version of the underworld is different. It’s not full of fire and brimstone, it’s cold, dark, dreary and depressing. Hel isn’t even evil,she’s just ugly and possibly bitter. The king should be there, not Wendy. She died doing something noble and slightly heroic, so why is she being punished?

Dash is perfect as Loki, Freya acts like Freya and they haven’t really done a bad job about the mythology,considering we don’t know that king Nikolas replaced Odin in the series. Why fuck up one of the biggest portions of the mythology when you’re writing about gods stuck on earth among mortals?  They’d better do a job job with Hel as a character or I’ll be pissed off. The only things that are worse is Frederic coming back and Ingrid forgiving Dash after he lied to her and ignored her wishes repeatedly.


So,so much better. I frickin’ love Selina and these villains were pretty cool. The doll maker part made me raise an eyebrow since he was mentioned on Arrow, but it’s all small potatoes. As usual Ed and Oswald were awesome. I am wondering why Fish hates Falcone so damn much. The Joker herring was cute and I’m wondering whether they’ll have a female Joker as a herring at some point. I’m getting tired of them cramming too many villains in one episode,though.

I was curious about Scarecrow,but I don’t need him, Mr. Pyg and the 3rd guy shown already. Slow down,Gotham…we just started watching and jumping from point A to Z in three episodes is ridiculous. If they keep doing this,I won’t be able to keep up. I hate batting cages and watching villains come at me nonstop is just as bad as missing all those balls. I’ll either get hit in the head or jump to get out of the way.


Witches of East End

This episode was packed, although I’m left feeling deja vu. The king’s return and next week’s preview are too much like Henry and Peter Pan on Once Upon A Time. It was all really, really depressing. Joanna’s blood filling up the tub, the girls and their bodies on the table and Killian’s grief over the women he loved dying. Dash pissed me off, though. It felt like he didn’t truly grieve for Ingrid and screwing that bitch was just crass. However, she suddenly became interesting when she wound up being the cop investigating the murder he committed.  Tarkhoff being alive was infuriating and him being punished by the king is meaningless. He’s only alive so that he can kill Ingrid and Frederic will betray everyone yet again.  This felt more like a season finale than an episode with only one episode left. In fact, last week’s would have been an even better one.

Witches of East End and Boardwalk Empire

Witches of East End: A shipper’s dream come true,even if the ending was bittersweet. We finally got love scenes for Dashing and Frillian,even if Dash screwed up royally and Killian is still under Eva’s spell. I don’t care about Frederic and Wendy’s love lives, but Wendy letting a mortal onto her secret was huge. Frederic being overprotective was awesome,but his comment confused me to no end. If you’re spoiled about the books or read them,you’ll understand why it was out of the blue.

I want Dashing to happen,but Dash really does need to redeem himself. He’s been making excuses left and right and what he’s been doing is fucked up. Even if Tarkoff is an asshole,I love James Marsters and his interaction with Joanna. I feel sorry Frederic’s girlfriend,though. She shouldn’t wind up being the king’s new host. I think Frederic dies or it wouldn’t be as emotional,nor would the betrayal string so badly.

Boardwalk Empire: It was confusing. All the flashbacks were unclear and contained unnecessary information. We didn’t even see Eli, we saw Nucky’s sister who obviously died before the show started. I don’t care that he was poor,a bastard or anything else. The current situation is important and I hope he doesn’t get nostalgic anymore. I need to know what happened with Harrow’s death, Narcisse and more about Chalky than we got.



Doctor Who

Twelve is a fucking douche…and I’m loving it. They weren’t kidding about making him dark and serious,his lines were hilarious and I’ve never wanted to punch him before. This episode startled me,but I like that The Doctor is less human, more cynical and darker. The War Doctor showed us how serious he can be, so Twelve being like this isn’t a big deal,in my opinion.

I pitied that poor Dalek,though. The self-loathing and cannibal tendencies he got in the end because of The Doctor was so sad and it became a decent creature. Tsk,tsk-They should have just put it out of its misery. Speaking of misery,who is that woman who keeps saying they’re in heaven? The Doctor doesn’t believe in god or Satan and considers everything to be scientific, so how can heaven as we know it truly exist? It’s a bit deep for the show and I’m uneasy about watching the puzzle unfold.

Pretty Little Liars

This episode. I knew Mona would die,but ick-So messy. Jesus,Ali-Show some fucking class. That much blood is ridiculous and it’s still possible that DNA evidence could have been left behind. I wanted to slap the smug look on her face and don’t get why anyone would believe a word out of that bitch’s mouth. Emily,you’re an idiot for picking Ali over Paige.

I wonder who discovered the mess in Mona’s room. It didn’t sound like Hannah and she would have been a mess either way. It was probably Emily since she’s a sensitive soul,but no confirmation. I think the liars will avenge Mona-She helped them in the end,risked her safety and apologized. It was nasty to kill her like that,they’re not monsters and one of them has got to feel guilty for what happened. Mona’s mother…I sniffled,I just couldn’t help it.  That doll was so fucking creepy. Ali and Mona’s doll obsession-I never liked it.

Mona was Jenna’s stand in,but she was a great villain. She and Mike were really cute,too. He’s going to be a mess and he’ll need Aria right now. Hopefully she makes time for him instead of helping Ezra make more pie. Poor Spencer-She’s screwed and if they find Melissa’s tape,it’s only going to make things worse. Hopefully,it gets buried before the cops can find it.


Witches of East End

I’ve been waiting for an episode like this. Dash and Ingrid are really hot and a much better couple than Freya and Killian. I hate that he killed Kyle’s father,though.  It’s going to bite him in the ass,she won’t be understanding and he could lose her.  I hate how angsty Freya and Killian are. I knew Eva was up to something,but she’s actually an old woman? That’s disgusting and I’m glad Killian was able to warn himself before he was back under her spell. She’s scary as hell and attacking him with the glass was nuts. I wonder what she’s using him for-It can’t just be sex.  James Marsters is in everything these days. I had no idea that Frederic was hosting the king because it made no sense. He’s an interesting character,but we need a backstory on the king’s condition before I stop being skeptical.


I have been wanting to see this movie for eons and now that I have,I’m thrilled. It was even better than I expected it to be, the acting was superb and the cast is great. Dystopian movies are all over the place these days,but this one has its own message. The Hunger Games is about ensuring fear and domination through population control and Divergent is through conformity and constant social experimentation. Kate Winslet is a compelling villain and the initial Orphan phase Act I goes through passed with flying colors.