The weirdest re-imagining of Wizard of Oz,ever.

This is kind of funny,but most disturbing. 😛


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How the last episode should have ended

This is awesome,but even if I hadn’t been spoiled, some stuff is just not happening.

My edit would be that Oberyn lives,but Tyrion is punished,anyway. We all know that Tywin and Cersei will stop at nothing and don’t give a rat’s ass about fairness. Hell,I would have settled for close to death,but gets taken away in time. The Mountain won? Wtf?

The rest of his comments are spot-on and tightening and slow-mo should have been okay. Oberyn being blinded is one thing,but if he still got to live,that would have still meant something.



lmao…it didn’t occur to me.


[Warning: spoilers from last night’s Game of Thrones abound, obviously]

Sure, if you’ve read the books or if you’re just more cynical than me, then you probably saw the end of last night’s Game of Thrones coming. Everything was looking like it was going to be wrapped up perfectly — everyone’s favorite characters (i.e., Oberyn and Tyrion) were going to emerge victorious from the episode, with the former getting his revenge and the latter making it two-for-two as far as striking it lucky on the trial by combat front.

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