Fall TV so far

I haven’t been updating as much and it’s not just life. I have too many shows that I started and stopped watching, as well as new shows I decided to try. Here’s my two cents:

Reign: Really boring and kind of slow so far.

Arrow: I hate that Sara is dead,but this season is awesome so far.

Boardwalk Empire: What the serious fuck, show? This is the most depressing end to a great show,ever.

Resurrection: I’m bored out of my mind.

Revenge: Not bad,but I still don’t want to watch anymore. It goes against everything the show stood for and seems pointless and stupid so far.

The Big Bang Theory: Keeps getting better and better-It can do no wrong.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Still very bored-I’m only watching so I can decide whether or not I like Mockingbird when she shows up.

Doctor Who: I don’t know why I’m still watching.


New Shows:

Gotham: I’m on the fence, but I like it more than anyone I know. The villains are all awesome,even if some of the good guys are lacking.

Jane the Virgin: So adorable. I wasn’t really planning on tuning in, but it’s really cute.

The Flash: Even better than I imagined-I adore Grant Gustin. The fans are assholes, but the show is great.

Selfie: I identify more than I thought possible.

Red Band Society: I adore this show-It’s one of my favorites now.

Gracepoint: This is so much better than Reign. Also, I love David Tennant playing an American.

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Arrow and The Flash

I missed portions of Arrow while I was tweeting, so I plan to rewatch. Both shows were spectacular,but I enjoyed The Flash a lot more. Arrow,why the hell did you kill Sara? WTF? It wasn’t necessary in order to make Laurel the Canary and if it’s Ra’s Al Ghul, his relationship with Nyssa would be affected. I think he’s the most likely suspect,though. It could have been the person she was assigned to kill. Olicity ending as soon as it started was bittersweet,even if we got  kissing, a date and an “I love you”. I suppose it makes sense since she’ll be seeing Barry soon,but still.

The crossover scenes on both shows were too cute for words. I want these two to be friends,even if they both have a romantic interest in Felicity. Felicity is much better than Iris, Barry’s LI on The Flash. I know she’s canon,but she’s not that bright, she’s ordinary and suffers from “Main Girl” syndrome. He needs someone closer to his IQ level and she seems kind of boring. Then again, I’m a rabid Barry/Felicity shipper,so I’m biased.

On the Arrow,Roy was on fire as Arsenal. I feel bad for him since it cost him Thea,but it’s something he needs to do to give him purpose. He’s a great addition to the team and he handled himself really well. I liked Diggle’s scenes a lot, too. We don’t get enough on him and both his scenes with Lilah and Oliver were superb.  Felicity has chemistry with everyone and I liked her interaction with Brandon Routh’s new character. I hope she does take the job he’s offering-It’s messed up to see her at a Best Buy.

The Flash is really awesome. I love Barry and would even if he wasn’t played by such a hot guy. His allies are interesting, although Caitlyn didn’t stand out much. We’re supposed to see her be blank and controlled,so it’s okay that the others overwhelmed her. Barry having a steady family influence is what makes him different from Oliver. He has a humble background, a regular job and responsibilities he can’t ignore.  I’ll give Iris the chance to improve, but she’s boring and ordinary. She’s better off with that cop-Barry can be free to date Felicity and possibly Caitlin. The fact that his surrogate father knows reminds me of Smallville and Buffy. The scene between Barry and his father was sweet and the fact that Henry is played by the original Flash makes it even better. I’m seriously wondering what Harrison’s intentions are. He’s from the future and someone on the show sent him back in time. Who? Why? What happened?

Pretty Little Liars

This episode. I knew Mona would die,but ick-So messy. Jesus,Ali-Show some fucking class. That much blood is ridiculous and it’s still possible that DNA evidence could have been left behind. I wanted to slap the smug look on her face and don’t get why anyone would believe a word out of that bitch’s mouth. Emily,you’re an idiot for picking Ali over Paige.

I wonder who discovered the mess in Mona’s room. It didn’t sound like Hannah and she would have been a mess either way. It was probably Emily since she’s a sensitive soul,but no confirmation. I think the liars will avenge Mona-She helped them in the end,risked her safety and apologized. It was nasty to kill her like that,they’re not monsters and one of them has got to feel guilty for what happened. Mona’s mother…I sniffled,I just couldn’t help it.  That doll was so fucking creepy. Ali and Mona’s doll obsession-I never liked it.

Mona was Jenna’s stand in,but she was a great villain. She and Mike were really cute,too. He’s going to be a mess and he’ll need Aria right now. Hopefully she makes time for him instead of helping Ezra make more pie. Poor Spencer-She’s screwed and if they find Melissa’s tape,it’s only going to make things worse. Hopefully,it gets buried before the cops can find it.


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Are you all trying to kill me,show? I heard about Bonnie’s death and how Jeremy reacted, but no one told me about Donnie(Yes,that’s what I’m calling it). I don’t even ship these two(platonically or otherwise) and they gave me all sorts of feels. 😦