I cannot wait for this. The Flash has become my favorite new show, aside from Red Band Society. Gotham is good, but I wouldn’t rate it as high as The Flash.

This was pretty damn cool, too.

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Witches of East End

This season is dragging along. Ending it last week would have been great,but instead, next week is the finale. I thought it was yesterday and was kind of disappointed. Still,I liked the episode. Killian as Edgar Allan Poe was awesome and so was demon Freya. Opium addict Joanna was depressing,but still interesting to watch. Dash is pissing me off,though. He cannot possibly car for Ingrid if he keeps screwing some aggressive skunk at a bar. The fact that she’s a cop should have made him stay way,but he’s screwing her anyway. Meanwhile,Killian is willing to give up his life so he and Freya can be together again. What the fuck?

The king is creepy,but he’s also an idiot. I’m wondering what he needs Ingrid’s support for,but I knew she couldn’t possibly support him. It’s not in her nature to be so trusting, she’s a smart-pants and she’s the eldest. I’m wondering what’s going to happen to Frederic,though. The king no longer trusts him,Tarkhoff has his position intact and they’re preparing for Joanna’s return.

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Pretty Little Liars

This didn’t feel like it was the 2nd to last episode of the season.

The good parts:

  • Melissa’s confession to Spencer
  • Paige showing how much of a catch she is
  • Mike and Mona
  • The picture of Ali and Cyrus
  • Mona and Aria talking about Ali and Mona’s relationship with Mike

The crappy parts:

  • Caleb’s stupid intervention and Miranda’s goodbye
  • The family night that wound up not happening
  • the possible foreshadowing about Mona’s death

I wonder what they’ll do when they realize that Ali is A. The show needs to explain what actually happened between Jessica and Ali if Jessica didn’t bury her alive.

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Sunday and Monday tav

Witches of East End: What a jam-packed episode. I loved it and even when Dash was psychotic,he still mentioned how he liked Ingrid. These two were my favorite part and the Mandragora brought everyone together. He was scary as hell around Freya,but even if he claimed that he didn’t mean it,those thoughts still occurred to him in the first place. I think Freya can be on board with Dash and Ingrid,she’s just surprised. Ingrid has been there for her about Killian and she’d want Dash and Ingrid to be happy. Wendy walking in on a Joanna/Alex kiss was hilarious. She looked so shocked and uncomfortable.

My least favorite parts were Hudson dying and Eva. It was annoying that Wendy couldn’t trust Frederic to just save that poor bastard. Yes,he still has ties to his grandfather,but he saved Wendy’s life,regardless. I’d like to think he wasn’t lying about Hudson and he has nothing to gain or lose. I think the truth about Frederic is in a gray area,not black and white like Wendy thinks it is. Eva is a crazy bitch and even if it was high time we saw her making herself useful, the type of magic she’s doing is basically rape. Someone on a message bored wondered if she’d get pregnant and I wouldn’t be surprised. She could be using him for his virility or she could use it to trap him.

Switched At Birth: Wow. Just wow-I did not see that coming. I was so sure that Daphne was screwed and Bay doing what she did blew my mind. I felt so bad for John when he started crying. He wanted to fix it,but there was nothing he could do. I loved that Travis’ mother came to his graduation,too. That kid needs a break and aside from Mary Beth,his life kind of sucks. Even if she was depressed,Daphne’s graduation speech was amazing. It was hard not to sniffle and this episode was great,aside from Regina and Wes kissing. It was gross, it pissed me off and it was what Daphne and Angelo were suspicious of in the first place.

The Fosters: I don’t like being right about Sofia. What a selfish little bitch-She ruined her relationship with Callie all on her own. If she really loved her,she’d let her get adopted and be happy that Callie acknowledged her at all. I get why Robert was upset and it would hurt to much to lose his child again,but it’s still unfair.  I’m mad about her having to suffer a loss like this twice and if it’s all so she can be with Brandon,then it’s bullshit. They can’t have it all and she should get to have two moms and a sister that she’s chosen.

Brandon and Lou was just gross and it’s such a forced relationship. On the upside,it’s not crazy and abusive like Halley is with Jesus. The only positive thing shipper-wise is that Jude and Connor finally kissed,made out or whatever they did together. I really doubt they had any sexual activity-They’re 12.  I felt really bad for Mariana when they had to face Ana. Even if she’s trying to made amends,the woman gave her tons of issues. I get why Jesus is the way he is with Halley now,even if I’m still not thrilled about his relationship with women in general.

Under The Dome: I liked it and I didn’t. Barbie, the dome and the Hounds of Diana was cool,but Lyle,Sam and Pauline was boring and confusing. Julia and Barbie’s messages and their reunion was beautiful,but Big Jim watching put somewhat of a damper on it. I liked how the kids were so eager to help and to see Barbie,but we got more filler like the hunt for whoever was after Big Jim and the b.s. about Pauline’s vision than genuine moments between the characters.

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This blog is about all things fandom and new media. It doesn’t cover more specific things like the Twilight Craze or Harry Potter Slash, but it does cover things like the main heroine’s role in fandom, mary sues and of course, unconventional ships. I have a sister site called coveting bliss I may cross-post on, but any and all questions and comments in sensitive posts will be screened and anyonymous for your privacy. No matter how kooky, dorky or abnormal everyone tells you it is, share your fandom experiences here.

I’m a fangirl who’s been involved with fandom before I even knew the word existed. As you can see in the title,I like ships that aren’t the OTP presented on the show,as well as ships that aren’t offered as any possiblility in the story,show,movie or whatever medium it’s portrayed in. I plan to analyze as well as rant about various behaviors, tropes and trends in the world of fan culture.

My fandoms:

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