Fall TV so far

I haven’t been updating as much and it’s not just life. I have too many shows that I started and stopped watching, as well as new shows I decided to try. Here’s my two cents:

Reign: Really boring and kind of slow so far.

Arrow: I hate that Sara is dead,but this season is awesome so far.

Boardwalk Empire: What the serious fuck, show? This is the most depressing end to a great show,ever.

Resurrection: I’m bored out of my mind.

Revenge: Not bad,but I still don’t want to watch anymore. It goes against everything the show stood for and seems pointless and stupid so far.

The Big Bang Theory: Keeps getting better and better-It can do no wrong.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Still very bored-I’m only watching so I can decide whether or not I like Mockingbird when she shows up.

Doctor Who: I don’t know why I’m still watching.


New Shows:

Gotham: I’m on the fence, but I like it more than anyone I know. The villains are all awesome,even if some of the good guys are lacking.

Jane the Virgin: So adorable. I wasn’t really planning on tuning in, but it’s really cute.

The Flash: Even better than I imagined-I adore Grant Gustin. The fans are assholes, but the show is great.

Selfie: I identify more than I thought possible.

Red Band Society: I adore this show-It’s one of my favorites now.

Gracepoint: This is so much better than Reign. Also, I love David Tennant playing an American.

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