Witches of East End finale

Gah…I liked it and I didn’t. The good stuff:

  • Killian didn’t die
  • The king did
  • Tarkoff was stuck in the past
  • Raven nailed Dash in a way that I could actually handle.
  • Edgar Allen Poe

Aside from that? No…just fucking no. Enough with the rape, misogyny and violence already. Eva raped Killian and tried to get pregnant, Ingrid got raped by the Mandragora and now Joanna. Frederic didn’t rape his girlfriend,but he ritually abused her. It was in character for Tarkoff,but James Marsters trying to rape yet another woman he supposedly loves pissed me off. Perhaps with another actor I wouldn’t have reacted as strongly,but it has more to do with overkill. Killian’s rape felt like a cheap trick to add drama and conflict.

I’m not sad that Frederic died since he couldn’t really be redeemed and someone needed to die for good,but Joanna has gone through too much. Wendy will probably live since they’re doing the underworld storyline,but Frederic was the victim of a witch hunter,which is going to be interesting. I loved how she played Dash and arrested him. What he did to Killian was fucked up and I’m through with Dashing. Ingrid being pregnant is yet another cheap source of drama and it could be a rape baby. if not,it has a wicked father who has no right to be around children. He can’t love anyone, he’s a selfish liar and needs to pay for what he’s done.

The portion with hell pissed me off. Hel rules the underworld,but the Norse version of the underworld is different. It’s not full of fire and brimstone, it’s cold, dark, dreary and depressing. Hel isn’t even evil,she’s just ugly and possibly bitter. The king should be there, not Wendy. She died doing something noble and slightly heroic, so why is she being punished?

Dash is perfect as Loki, Freya acts like Freya and they haven’t really done a bad job about the mythology,considering we don’t know that king Nikolas replaced Odin in the series. Why fuck up one of the biggest portions of the mythology when you’re writing about gods stuck on earth among mortals?  They’d better do a job job with Hel as a character or I’ll be pissed off. The only things that are worse is Frederic coming back and Ingrid forgiving Dash after he lied to her and ignored her wishes repeatedly.


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