So,so much better. I frickin’ love Selina and these villains were pretty cool. The doll maker part made me raise an eyebrow since he was mentioned on Arrow, but it’s all small potatoes. As usual Ed and Oswald were awesome. I am wondering why Fish hates Falcone so damn much. The Joker herring was cute and I’m wondering whether they’ll have a female Joker as a herring at some point. I’m getting tired of them cramming too many villains in one episode,though.

I was curious about Scarecrow,but I don’t need him, Mr. Pyg and the 3rd guy shown already. Slow down,Gotham…we just started watching and jumping from point A to Z in three episodes is ridiculous. If they keep doing this,I won’t be able to keep up. I hate batting cages and watching villains come at me nonstop is just as bad as missing all those balls. I’ll either get hit in the head or jump to get out of the way.



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