Witches of East End

This season is dragging along. Ending it last week would have been great,but instead, next week is the finale. I thought it was yesterday and was kind of disappointed. Still,I liked the episode. Killian as Edgar Allan Poe was awesome and so was demon Freya. Opium addict Joanna was depressing,but still interesting to watch. Dash is pissing me off,though. He cannot possibly car for Ingrid if he keeps screwing some aggressive skunk at a bar. The fact that she’s a cop should have made him stay way,but he’s screwing her anyway. Meanwhile,Killian is willing to give up his life so he and Freya can be together again. What the fuck?

The king is creepy,but he’s also an idiot. I’m wondering what he needs Ingrid’s support for,but I knew she couldn’t possibly support him. It’s not in her nature to be so trusting, she’s a smart-pants and she’s the eldest. I’m wondering what’s going to happen to Frederic,though. The king no longer trusts him,Tarkhoff has his position intact and they’re preparing for Joanna’s return.

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