Witches of East End

This episode was packed, although I’m left feeling deja vu. The king’s return and next week’s preview are too much like Henry and Peter Pan on Once Upon A Time. It was all really, really depressing. Joanna’s blood filling up the tub, the girls and their bodies on the table and Killian’s grief over the women he loved dying. Dash pissed me off, though. It felt like he didn’t truly grieve for Ingrid and screwing that bitch was just crass. However, she suddenly became interesting when she wound up being the cop investigating the murder he committed.  Tarkhoff being alive was infuriating and him being punished by the king is meaningless. He’s only alive so that he can kill Ingrid and Frederic will betray everyone yet again.  This felt more like a season finale than an episode with only one episode left. In fact, last week’s would have been an even better one.


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