random fandom things that got on my nerves

Certain things within some of my fandoms have been bothering me for a while,but now I can actually put it into words.

I watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the beginning of the season,then stopped watching it because it was boring and repetitive. Until they tied in the storyline from Captain America:The Winter Soldier,it was the lamest Marvel-related show I’d ever seen. They shoved agent Ward with Skye down everyone’s throats and Chloe Bennett said that they belonged together,but they were the crappiest things about the show. Ward was a boring cardboard cut-out of a character and he was made of used parts from sub-standard tropes from shows that got canceled. CB got the brunt of criticism because Skye is boring, pedantic and uninspired. You can’t just make someone a hacker and think they’re interesting. Even her friends and love interests are boring, she was the least intelligent out of the bunch, she was the weakest and she was also the least competent. The show doesn’t need her and should have chucked her out along with her boring boyfriend. Coulson, Mei, Fitz and Simmons could carry the show on its own and doesn’t need some third-rate hacker who’s a walking,talking cliché chiming in.

People who like Skye and Ward have terrible taste. They’re the kind of people who take everything a show runner,director, producer or author says literally or as gospel truth,they never actually think about the story being told and like movies with two girls kissing,even if the acting is terrible, the kiss was random, the actresses had no chemistry and it was a desperate attempt to keep people from walking out of a theater. Entire points of wonderful forms of fiction are lost on these people because they have no critical thinking skills, opinions of their own and like just about anything,regardless of quality or effort.

The ones who pretend they know anything about Marvel,The Avengers or any movie related to or by them because of one show, seeing one of the movies or a 5 minute trailer have no right to get huffy or on a high horse. They don’t actually know anything about the source material, movie fans and book/comic book/original format fans are totally different and most people can accept that. Sometimes, you can be both and you shouldn’t knock people or get huffy if they happen to know more than you do. That’s life and no one actually has a PhD in it,aside from god(If you believe in god).

Game of Thrones screwed up a lot in S4 and it was mainly the Lannisters. I was spoiled and almost nothing I was told about happened and the things that did happen were horribly executed. If GRRM has control over things and produces some of the episodes,why did he let the storylines go so far out of whack? What was the point of Brienne if she failed at her task and the lady stone heart storyline was changed so Sansa would be the one getting revenge? Why did Cersei and Jaime get closer when he was supposed to distance himself? Why did they make it seem like he raped his sister? Why didn’t Jaime tell Tyrion about Ayesha? Why did Tywin die on the toilet instead of in bed with Shae? Why tell Tywin the truth? It was all ridiculously stupid and aside from wanting Tyrion to find happiness,I’m as bored with these people as I am with Daenerys. Her slave storyline is too boring for words, it’s repetitive and now Dany/Jorah is kaput. Where did the Dothraki even go? I read an article about the slavery and it claimed that in her own way,Dany was just like the slavers. I’m starting to agree and she’s forcing her rule and way of life on everyone,even if not all the slaves like it. No Jorah, no Daario=boring.


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