Salem finale

It was awesome and I look forward to next season. I was shocked about some parts and disappointed about others,though. The breakdown:

-Mercy,why are you alive? What goes around comes around and it’s your fault that your friends are all dead. No one fucks with Tituba and gets away with it.

-Hale and his wife’s death was so nasty. Anne will feel like crap once she calms down and realizes what she’s done. Hale was nowhere near as bad as Mary, Mercy and Tituba. She killed her parents and she’ll have that stain on her for good. That being said,she’ll be a scary-ass witch hunter.

The Indians’ fascination with John is extremely curious. They’ve saved him not once,but twice. They need to show what happened to him when he was at War. I loved Increase’s death and that Cotton was the one who did it. Increase deserved what he got and he was played until the end. I doubt Isaac will live and I cried like a little kid.

Mary’s child is a huge source of questions. Why wait until now? Were they ever planning to show him? How will John feel about this? It’s food for thought and hopefully season 2 gives us insight.



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