Monday TV

Switched at Birth: Hoo,boy…this one was huge. Daphne’s behavior finally stopped and it’s obvious that next week,she’s going to screw up her future.  I like the prom portion and how Bay stood up for Natalie and Hilary. She found a healthy connection to her father and didn’t mess up her future. In all fairness, Regina’s behavior has been pretty shitty. She’s not just with Chip Koto,she’s going to finally kiss Wes. Why? Angelo hasn’t been dead long, he has his suspicions and he’s an asshole.

The Fosters: This episode was fantastic. I always thought Mariana had self-loathing issues,but she doesn’t. It’s all due to Ana,but I’m wondering how she and Lexie bonded. Wouldn’t she have gotten exposure to her culture through Lexie’s parents? What do Steph and Lena have to do with it? If anything,Lena is supportive and encouraging. Her love interest is boring and so is Brandon’s. Go away, Lou-You’re ugly as hell, he can’t trust you and you gave him pot. Halley isn’t boring, but she’s a crazy bitch,which is worse. She’s manipulating Jesus, he’s afraid of making her upset and getting a tattoo to win her back is just bullshit. Only Callie has a decent love interest and I hope she forgives Wyatt. He and Brandon were just trying to have her back and caring too much is a lot worse than not caring at all.

Under the Dome: What the hell? This episode blew my mind. The abyss leads to Zenith? Why? What’s the Obelisk for? I don’t care about Barbie’s backstory,I care about the red door and that painted door on the grass. I’m also wondering why Lyle of all people went crazy. Is he finally guilty about what he did.   If Pauline trusted Sam,why did she make sure that only Lyle knew? How is she taking Melanie being back from the dead?

Big Jim has seriously hit a new low. His idea of “comforting” his son was despicable and using Barbie’s death is just low. I feel bad for Julia,but she’s the monarch. She has a job to do and protecting the kids trumps staying ahead of Big Jim.



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