Monday Night tv

Switched at Birth: Daphne’s behavior is bullshit. She’s acting like a ho,she’s drinking now and Bay is right. I get why she’s angry with Regina,but doing drugs, fooling around with a boy she barely knew and drinking is the wrong way to go about it. I mean,no one likes Chip Koto and she’s had tension with Wes,but she’s on probation. If she gets arrested for good, she only has herself to blame.  Regina and Katherine’s scenes cracked me up. It was the perfect balance to the angst with the girls.

The Fosters: Oh, boy…relationship drama. So,so fucking boring. Brandon’s forced relationship with blowfish,Mariana and a guy who pulls her pigtails and Halley manipulating Jesus-Who cares? I only care that he snapped at poor Stef when she didn’t deserve it. I liked the storyline with the girls-Poor Kol. She’s not a freak and she’ll be happy in an LGBT home.

Under The Dome: Wow. This episode was crazy and so much happened.

I agree with what Norrie said and Melanie needs to stop flirting with everyone. Her purpose wound up being so important and she doesn’t need love interests. I wish she had said goodbye to Sam,but his character didn’t deserve happiness. He killed Angie,he sounds crazy and Pauline didn’t trust him because she knew he’d kill her son.  I’m glad Joe and Norrie are back together-They’re too cute for words. If Rebecca is remorseful,then she can be an extremely useful ally to everyone.

I’d hate for Barbie to die,but it would keep things going. Plus,if he’s connected to Zenith,someone has to find out about it.


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