Finding Carter

I loved it. I mainly chose to watch for Kat Prescott, but the show is great. We obviously have to see more of the mother, but she seriously is a bitch. No one approves of teenage drinking, smoking or drugs, but geez. She just got her kid back and she hasn’t said she loved her at all. The bitch has a pole up her ass and she’s emotionally constipated. That being said, I love the actress and have since she was on Guiding Light. Alexis Densioff being the dad to two teenagers makes me feel like such an old lady.

Gabe is ugly,but Carter’s siblings are cute. I feel sorry for Taylor,but it’s a classic trope. I think she’ll warm up to her father a little, but mainly because he’s giving her space and trying harder to make her feel welcome and trust her. The grandparents were too much, but all grandpa’s and grannies are like that. They’d suck if they didn’t give you hugs, make you cookies and other grandparent-ish things.  I wonder if the guy who plays Wyatt on the Fosters is on the show on a reoccurring basis or he was just in the pilot.

I’m also curious as to what Linda Stevens has to say. She is a loving mother, although Elizabeth may have issues because of what happened. It just seems like she’s like this with the kids she raised as well. Taylor never went to a single party? Seriously?



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