Pretty Little Liars and Witches of East End

Note: I was originally going to review Finding Carter,but I just found out that Witches of East End is back.



Witches Of East End:

I can’t believe I missed it! I called Frederic from the beginning, though. I don’t know who that sexy beast kissing Ingrid was, but I’m intrigued. I couldn’t care less about Dash,though. It’s an overused trope, he’s boring and Killian’s storyline with Bianca Lawson is much cooler. I wonder if the EMT is the beast or he’s just a new love interest for Wendy. I don’t care about ships, I love the family moments. Joanna wasn’t going to die,but her struggle was still great to watch.

Who was Mike, though? Why did he care? What was his father doing looking into Asgard, anyway?


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