Finding Carter

Ugh…I can barely watch episode 2. I had to watch it out of order since Mtv wouldn’t load the second episode,but even if I like the cast,I want to kick Carter’s ass. The bitch has a problem and even if Elizabeth can be a pain in the ass, it was cruel to make her think that she was losing her kid. She can be as mean as she wants to everyone else,but in the end,her feelings and her mom are all that matter.

The 3rd episode was better, mainly because I like Max/Taylor. She deserves better than stupid Gabe and he’s an asshole. He’s not attractive enough for either of them and Max seems to like her. Overall, the show is too much like Skins and Carter is Effy.


Finding Carter

I loved it. I mainly chose to watch for Kat Prescott, but the show is great. We obviously have to see more of the mother, but she seriously is a bitch. No one approves of teenage drinking, smoking or drugs, but geez. She just got her kid back and she hasn’t said she loved her at all. The bitch has a pole up her ass and she’s emotionally constipated. That being said, I love the actress and have since she was on Guiding Light. Alexis Densioff being the dad to two teenagers makes me feel like such an old lady.

Gabe is ugly,but Carter’s siblings are cute. I feel sorry for Taylor,but it’s a classic trope. I think she’ll warm up to her father a little, but mainly because he’s giving her space and trying harder to make her feel welcome and trust her. The grandparents were too much, but all grandpa’s and grannies are like that. They’d suck if they didn’t give you hugs, make you cookies and other grandparent-ish things.  I wonder if the guy who plays Wyatt on the Fosters is on the show on a reoccurring basis or he was just in the pilot.

I’m also curious as to what Linda Stevens has to say. She is a loving mother, although Elizabeth may have issues because of what happened. It just seems like she’s like this with the kids she raised as well. Taylor never went to a single party? Seriously?


Monday’s reviews

Note: I haven’t seen the premiere of Switched at Birth and missed part of last season’s finale-I’ll cover it later in the week.

The Fosters: This episode was awesome. I only have so much to say. Brandon’s love interest is hideous, Jude and Connor need to admit they like each other and I’m wondering if that conversation Mariana had with Brandon’s bandmate meant that she wasn’t like them because of her character or because of cultural values she has as a Latina.

Switched At Birth: Pretty good episode,had a lot of action. My favorite parts? Sheree called bullshit, Katherine and Deborah solved their conflict amicably and once again, the class conflict became an issue. Also, Katherine’s comment about needing a Tums cracked me up. It was such a classic old married couple thing to say.  I’m glad that Regina and Daphne reconciled, but in my opinion, it’s far from over. I loved the ending, although I shouldn’t have been surprised that Melody was staying.

Under The Dome: What the hell?! Enough with character deaths this year!

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