Orphan Black finale

Holy shit. I have so many thoughts and feelings on this. Of all people, hillbilly Proleathean Mark is a clone? They should have used his sperm and Helena’s eggs instead. I can barely think, so I’ll say what I can process.

I hate that Rachel sent Delphine away,but she got blinded, which makes me smile. I felt sorry for her about Ethan,but then she dropped the samples to punish Sarah for not passing on information she doesn’t even have. Poor Ethan-He died to save his creations, even if it meant that Rachel would have to see him die.

Paul is full of crap and he never has a side other than his own. If Helena was sent to his people, she’s screwed. If Jesse is involved, then he needs an ass-kicking. I thought he was just some random guy. Paul’s the world’s crappiest double agent and neither side really trusts him.

Helena meeting the clones made me cry and so did Cosima almost dying. She’s been through so much and she gets ripped away from the family she’s been so desperate to find. Cosima hugging her was so amazing. I get why they’ll kill Cosima if it happens,but it’s still depressing. Sarah meeting the little clone was sweet as well.




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