Orphan Black episode 9

Wow. Just fucking wow. Helena is made of awesome this season and she came out on top. She showed a lot of similarity to Sarah and it’s hard not to smile. Henrik was a fucking sicko and in the end,his “divine vision” wound up biting in in the ass. His death was brutal, but he deserved it. Who the hell intentionally gets their daughter pregnant? How many eggs did he steal from Helena?

Allison has always been one of my favorites,but she and Donnie cracked me up. Their post-burial sex scene was hot,even if he doesn’t deserve her. Why the hell did it take killing people and covering up crimes to make them have a real relationship?  Rachel…scares me shitless. Between the giant screen of her home videos, her obsessiveness about how special and fascinating Sarah shouldn’t be, sex with Paul and kidnapping Kira, she really is a sexual predator. It’s gross and she’s almost as bad as Henrik.

All in all,this was action-packed and I can’t see why anyone would/could find flaws with this episode. las


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