Orphan Black

This episode was so intense. I couldn’t even keep up with my tweets!

I loved Donnie and Allison’s scenes,as well as Rachel and Ethan’s. All this time,she’s been wondering why Sarah is so special and gets to have children,it turns out that Sarah isn’t special,she’s a failure.

Tony is so hot and even if I normally hate incest,I can see myself shipping him and Felix. Hell,even with Sarah. Aside from Soccer Cop, I can get into those two. I loved Cophine’s scenes and hope that Cosima isn’t going to die. It would be depressing, but at the same time,I’d get it if they did kill her. Normally,I’m ambivalent about Cosima,but she cracked me up this episode. Her pwn’ing Scott and the others,then getting baked with Delphine was awesome.

The more we find out,the more that I pity Beth. She was sitting on something huge and she stumbled across a clone who had a connection to her boyfriend. Maybe she knew she’s probably die either way and beat them to the punch. I’m curious as to what Paul’s secret is.

Kira wasn’t creepy and psychic in this episode,which is great. Ethan shouldn’t have read her “The Island of Doctor Moreau”,though. She’s a little girl,it’s creepy and most kids aren’t Rachel. I loved the family reunion and it drew away from how annoying Kira is.


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