Revolution wasn’t J.J. Abrams best work,but it stood out because of how relevant and timely the premise is. The idea that when we lose any and all electricity we’ll form a new world that doesn’t have us living like cavemen or villagers is really interesting. In S1,it was so good and all had these angles. S2 was a hot mess and even if things like Charlie/Monroe and Aaron starting fires was interesting,it all went downhill. I blame the ratings decline on Connor,Rachel, the repulsive Rachel/Bass kiss and the boring Nano storyline. Everyone was all over the place,there was too much focus on minor characters and we only got the best stuff towards the end.  Rachel is the worst character EM has ever played and she was a Mary Sue. As saddening as it is,shit happens.

There’s a massive Revolution relocation campaign going on and I’ve been doing my part,but it’s 60/40. If they’re going to waste time on Rachel/Bass and ruin Miles and Bass’s friendship yet again, I’m not going to bother. The two cities could have been interesting, but Rachel’s place is trying to stop the nano,not being with her family.

If Rachel and Miles are officially together,why would they ruin it? It makes Rachel’s character look bad,it’s degrading and it’s OOC for both characters. They should be fixing mistakes from this season in S3,not making things worse.

R.I.P. Revolution


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