Grading the Season Finales 2014: Orphan Black

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Title By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried (2.10)

Written By Graeme Manson

What Happens? In an attempt to gain access to Kira after she was kidnapped by Rachel, Sarah surrenders to Dyad, and upon her surrender she’s interrogated about her sexual and reproductive history and forced to allow Dyad to harvest her eggs. Kira has her own plans for getting out of Rachel’s clutches; she steals a cell phone to call Cal, who appears at Mrs. S.’s house with plenty of revelations of his own: He’s figured out that Sarah is a clone, and he’s been in contact with a mysterious source who brings up the name Castor, which seems to mean something to Mrs. S.

Sarah and Kira aren’t Rachel’s only captives. She visits her father to try to get him to reveal the secrets to his genetic sequence, but he poisons himself with his own teabag…

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Wednesday Reviews

“Young and Hungry” wasn’t what I thought it was. It was hilarious and didn’t need swearing or anything most tv sitcoms on network channels. I think the problem with shows like this is that they over-promote and turn potential viewers off by having the same jokes shown hundreds of times.

I missed last week’s “Mystery Girls”, but I just love this show. I’ve wanted 90210 reunions and this is a great one. It’s not corny,it’s not Disney and it has realistic content. I don’t plan on reviewing it next time,but that’s because I rarely have much of an opinion when it comes to sitcoms.

Orphan Black finale

Holy shit. I have so many thoughts and feelings on this. Of all people, hillbilly Proleathean Mark is a clone? They should have used his sperm and Helena’s eggs instead. I can barely think, so I’ll say what I can process.

I hate that Rachel sent Delphine away,but she got blinded, which makes me smile. I felt sorry for her about Ethan,but then she dropped the samples to punish Sarah for not passing on information she doesn’t even have. Poor Ethan-He died to save his creations, even if it meant that Rachel would have to see him die.

Paul is full of crap and he never has a side other than his own. If Helena was sent to his people, she’s screwed. If Jesse is involved, then he needs an ass-kicking. I thought he was just some random guy. Paul’s the world’s crappiest double agent and neither side really trusts him.

Helena meeting the clones made me cry and so did Cosima almost dying. She’s been through so much and she gets ripped away from the family she’s been so desperate to find. Cosima hugging her was so amazing. I get why they’ll kill Cosima if it happens,but it’s still depressing. Sarah meeting the little clone was sweet as well.



Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters

I feel so dumb for missing the first episodes of my shows. I have to catch up on Switched at Birth tomorrow, so then I’ll be good.

The Fosters: I really, really hate Callie’s storyline. It’s stupid, it’s contrived and the only good part was seeing Kerr Smith looking like an old man. I was mad about Vico,but not as mad as this thing with Dani. Brandon will recover from his injuries,but he’s not going to be okay with his father’s girlfriend the creepy pedophile. Why the hell did she hook up with her boyfriend’s teenage son? What the hell is wrong with her? She doesn’t love him and she can use finding Mike drunk and bloody against him. Callie and Wyatt are cute and Brandon can/should move on. It was doomed, they both know what it would cost them and she needs a normal life. The couple that creeps me out is Mariana and that girl she’s trying to copy. Her girlcrush is similar to what a lot of minority women feel when they’re growin up. I always assumed that it died in the 90’s,but I suppose not. That need to compare yourself to a Caucasian girl and see them as the standard of beauty will probably be timeless.

PLL has some book spoilers,so if you haven’t heard it from others or guessed theories on who A is, you’ve been warned.

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Winter really is coming.

Game of Thrones:

I was spoiled,but this is so much better than the book. I don’t get why they cut the portion with Jaime out,though. I mean,if he and Tyrion parted on such good terms, he can’t turn on him later. He turns on Jaime because Tyesha had honestly loved him and Tywin told Jaime to lie.  I can’t wait for Cersei to start going crazy. I don’t know how they’ll handle Jaime since not being an obedient puppy anymore made her snap,but maybe they’ll be something else to separate them.

I felt so bad for the hound, though. Arya should have just killed him-She’d be showing mercy and she’d get him off of her list.I can’t feel sorry for Brienne because she can still run into Sansa, Robyn and Baelish at some point.  I also felt bad for the dragons,but Dany is a stubborn fucking idiot. She didn’t listen to her advisors,she didn’t think things through, she didn’t listen to her subjects when they disagreed and pretended she didn’t know how dangerous the dragons were.

Ygritte’s funeral pyre was magnificent and she looked beautiful, even in death. Stannis coming in to save the day was epic,but Melissandre not being there was bizarre. They need fire to kill the Walkers, dammit. Speaking of Walkers,the Reeds are stupid. They knew how large the risk was, yet they went so far north that they stumbled into Zombieland? Maybe Jojen saw his fate, but he still didn’t need to go with them. Meera could have instead and things would have been fine.

Bran is a badass and when he and Arya reunite,they’ll show everyone how Starks get it done.


I’m loving this episode. Mercy’s followers remind me of the women in Paranormal Activity and it was creepy as fuck. The ass-kicking Emily’s father got was straight out of a Lois Duncan novel. I like Mary in Pink and her conversation with George cracked me up. John and Anne are cute, even if I don’t get how he magically made that kid talk.

My favorite part? The Witches from Macbeth. Or sharing one eye-It doesn’t matter. Mary would have been fucked if Mercy hadn’t blamed Tituba. They really do own her ass and she’ll wind up a little weaker and more desperate in 4 weeks.



Orphan Black episode 9

Wow. Just fucking wow. Helena is made of awesome this season and she came out on top. She showed a lot of similarity to Sarah and it’s hard not to smile. Henrik was a fucking sicko and in the end,his “divine vision” wound up biting in in the ass. His death was brutal, but he deserved it. Who the hell intentionally gets their daughter pregnant? How many eggs did he steal from Helena?

Allison has always been one of my favorites,but she and Donnie cracked me up. Their post-burial sex scene was hot,even if he doesn’t deserve her. Why the hell did it take killing people and covering up crimes to make them have a real relationship?  Rachel…scares me shitless. Between the giant screen of her home videos, her obsessiveness about how special and fascinating Sarah shouldn’t be, sex with Paul and kidnapping Kira, she really is a sexual predator. It’s gross and she’s almost as bad as Henrik.

All in all,this was action-packed and I can’t see why anyone would/could find flaws with this episode. las

Game of Thrones and Salem

I wish Silicon Valley was on,but it wasn’t,so I decided to watch Salem. I picked Revenge and Silicon Valley over it because Silicon Valley is hilarious and has a bit more movement to it. However,I plan on catching up with the show now.

Game of Thrones: FINALLY! It’s about fucking time that the good guys won for once. I was spoiled about Ygritte and Jon, but the rest was awesome. Pip and the others dying was sad,but the good outweighed the bad. Sam and Gilly kissed, Ygritte died in the arms of the man she loved and the Knight’s Watch handled it like a boss.

The part about only one victory won’t phase me. I loved how action-packed this was, as well as the fact that it’s not that depressing. Pip and the others died honorable deaths and GRRM rarely lets anyone live.

Salem: This episode pissed me off,but it was also really,really good. I’m mad about Cotton and Gloriana,but I did like the Cotton/John moments,as well as Isaac and George’s conversation. I would have let the old bastard die,so it’s a testament to Isaac’s character. Mary really is fucked,though. Her pan unraveled and for once,she couldn’t control things. However,the preview ruined the surprise.


Why would you make one that’s so obvious? Tituba is too important to kill off and Mary is the main female character. Who the hell else would it be? Mab is dead and there’s no way that they’ll kill the Magistrate. He’s not in the preview,he’s more powerful than the others and season 1 isn’t even over.