Orphan Black

Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley weren’t on this past weekend and I’m doing a different post on Revolution,since it’s been canceled.

This show just keeps getting better. Helena was hilarious and so was Allison. I loved the bonding between Sarah and Helena-It was too cute. I don’t know enough about genetics to process the technical portion,but if they’re not clones,what are they? We really need Dr. Duncan to reveal more. If Rachel became the way she is because of her mother,then she’s slightly easier to understand. Paul is beyond lame and any time with him is wasted. If Mrs. S hadn’t brought over tea to talk business,I’d be annoyed.

Poor Allison-She can’t trust anyone but Felix,can she? I wish Angie would just go away. Her character is unnecessary, Art gets better results and her attempts never work. The fact that they had to bring back Vic is just sad. I’m just hoping that some good comes out of those scenes and this storyline.


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