Sunday reviews

Now that every show except for Revolution and Orphan Black are done for the season, I plan on doing daily reviews. Until summer season starts, this is the format.

Game of Thrones: This is the best season so far. I was spoiled,but this far surpassed my expectations. Lyssa did all sorts of insane things for a man who’s in love with her mother. I think it’s nasty that he kissed Sansa,but she knows that he’s always loved Catelyn.  Why the hell did he kiss Sansa right after telling her that he could have been her father? I want to throw up and he’s even crazier than Lyssa.

I loved Oberyn’s talk with Tyrion. Cersei’s actions when he was a baby have a lot to do why I hate her. I hate Tywin for what happened to Elia,but seeing as the Mountain raped her, he needs to die first. Everyone’s left Tyrion and abandoned him,even Bronn. I hate that Jaime has to keep his end of the bargain,even if Tyrion wanted a trial by combat.

The parts with Arya and the Hound were boring and so were the ones with Brienne and Podrick. To be honest, it’s a weak and unnecessary storyline. It’s not adding anything to the story and it’s boring to boot.   Daneyrs and Daario was fun,but I’m getting tired of how hypocritical she is. She’s not even listening to her advisors and her thing about slavers is old news. The conversation between Melissandre and the queen was boring too and only Jon’s portion was relevant.

Silicon Valley: I didn’t like this episode. While Jared/Richard would be a fun crackship, the rest was boring. The part abut Gilefoy’s code was funny,but the rest was stupid. I can’t tell if Pied Piper as compression software has been an epic fail or they just lost the contest, but either way, I didn’t enjoy it.



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