This week in tv part 2

Revolution: I thought that this would be the finale,but I’m glad it’s not. This was a good episode, because Rachel being involved with the nano isn’t just logical,it’s better. If Connor turns on Monroe with Neville,I’d like him better. Even if Miles is an asshole, Charlie and Monroe are great. I don’t dislike Gene,but if he dies, I won’t care. I also feel bad for Marion-If Truman said that not everyone will die, why didn’t he let her live?

That mustard gas thing is insane and they already have the town’s loyalty. I get wanting to kill the president of Texas,but gassing the town? I agree with some of the commenters on a  Charlie/Monroe thread. Willoughby was a waste of time and probably made the numbers go down. It was nowhere near as interesting as the nano could have been and the Patriot storyline wore out its welcome.

Reign: I loved it. I missed some of what Catherine said to Henry,but the scene was really moving. Henry’s entire deathbed portion was amazing,especially with Francis. The hug between Bash and Framcis was awesome. I think it’s weird that Kenna didn’t react, but whatever. Part of me wants them to adopt Pascal-He’s a cutie.

Francis killing Henry was an awesome twist, it really was. He didn’t want to,but he had no choice. It’s going to weigh on him,but at least he’s distracted now with the plague and Lola’s baby. I feel bad about Lola,since I like her. However,she hasn’t really had anything to do in awhile and Julian was obviously up to something. They need the plague to cost them and a handmaiden who was friends with both Francis and Mary will hurt.

The darkness storyline was stupid and they could have discovered why eons ago. I’m also not looking forward to Leith being with Castleroy’s daughter. It’s too soapy and the CW has thrown history out the window at this point.

Orphan Black: This was an episode I always hoped for. Sarah finally cares about Helena,  Helena has calmed down towards Felix and anyone else. The way they punished Grace was creepy,but ask me if I give a shit. Maggie Chen’s locker was interesting and so were the things they found about Project LEDA.

Rachel…is just bizarre. The way she had sex with Paul was nasty and the fact that she thought it was what Sarah would like was even more disturbing. Helena watching them made it even worse. I don’t blame Helena for wanting to kill Rachel-She’s a crazy bitch. I have no idea how exactly she’ll react to her father being alive,but she can’t be contained all the time.  I’m glad that Leekie went behind Rachel’s back and agreed to help Cosima. It does matter more that they find Ethan Duncan.

I wish they’d stop showing Cal and Kira. It’s getting on my nerves,we get that Kira is special and Cal is supposed to be a plot device, much like Paul. We could have used those scenes to show more about Cosima’s sickness, what Helena knows or well…anything.


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