This week in tv, part 1

I’m doing a separate entry on Revolution, now that it’s been canceled. I didn’t get to watch Once Upon A Time on Sunday,so I watched it today.

Once Upon A Time: DAMNIT! They ruined a perfect finale by screwing over two ships that already have tension. Swan Queen is over and Emma ruined Outlaw Queen. The press and attention for the couple was buildup,all so that it ends before it barely started. The fact that Frozen is the next tale is really, really annoying.

That being said,it really was perfect. Emma embraced her role and her family, she stopped being afraid of her magic and she saw how much Hook loves her. There really hasn’t been much focus on her and a great article described it perfectly. Even if I’m mad about Rumple lying to Belle and betraying her trust, their wedding was beautiful. Snowing was perfect when we saw it through Emma’s eyes. Also, they finally brought Katherine back,which is just awesome.

Silicon Valley: This show continues to be made of awesome. Maybe because it’s the first season or maybe because it’s HBO, I don’t know. I can recognize and relate to all of the characters and their references. My favorites so far are Jared and Dinesh. I don’t know why, but they amuse me.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Epic. Coulson is in charge now,Ward didn’t get redeemed or glorified, Mike was finally free, Mei kicked Ward’s ass and Fitz and Simmons lived. He finally told her how he feels and Fury making an appearance was icing on the cake. I’m wondering if the parent holding the picture of Skye is her mother or father,but it doesn’t matter. The show had a lot of funny moments and Garrett’s death was awesome.  I hope that Skye is cyber-kinetic. It’s a natural fit for her and so is technopathy.



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