Sunday’s reviews

It’s mother’s day, so I missed Once Upon a Time.  I no longer watch Salem and plan to do reviews on Silicon Valley after Revenge airs its finale.

Game of Thrones: I was spoiled,but it was still great to see.  I didn’t know about Dany’s part and enjoyed it a lot,as well as the council talking about her. Shae looks bitter and it adds to things-So does Jamie. He made a deal, although there’s no point asking for the Wall. It never happens and he’ll probably die the way Ned did. Tyrion’s speech was the best part and they really are assholes.

Revenge: What the serious fuck, show? This is almost like “How I Met Your Mother”, only there were delicious parts. I’m done with the show,but it did have its moments. We all saw Charlotte realizing Jack set her free and some of us guessed that Aiden would die,but I didn’t think that Conrad would. I didn’t think Victoria would wind up in an asylum,either. Gideon has a problem the way the rest of his family does,but Daniel suffering makes up for leaving the poor prostitute for dead.

Emily walking away was epic,though. If only it were enough-David is alive. He’s the world’s worst father,he’s creepy as hell, he scared one daughter and made her distraught and ruined Emily’s life. She threw away chances for happiness, children and any kind of life, all to get revenge on the people who ruined her and her father’s lives. Why the hell couldn’t he do it?

I can’t stand it when shows kill the premise of the show. It makes no sense,it pisses off the fans and S4 will have a lot less returning viewers. I could have watched Silicon Valley tonight-At least it would be consistent. No one’s leaving Palo Alto, going fishing in Alaska or anything analog.


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