This week in tv, part 2

Revolution: This episode wasn’t as good as last week, despite the trailer. The good part? Tom getting revenge, Gene fixing up Miles and Charlie. The bad parts? Rachel, Rachel and more Rachel. Miles has always been a pain,but it’s cruel to make us think that they’re finally over, when it’s clearly a prank. Connor did a bit more this time,but overall,he annoys me.

We needed more Charlie in this episode and less waffling about the Patriots. Kill them and get it over with, dammit. Rachel’s high horse is unbelievable and she’s no saint. Innocent people have been getting killed ever since the blackout and desperate times call for desperate measures. I’d rather she sticking to getting the nano out of Priscilla. It’s creepy as hell,the gas probably made Priscilla sick and the idea of altering limbic systems is fucked up. It’s mental rape and you can’t just force people to feel an emotion.

Reign: This episode was shippy as hell. Bash/Kenna, Francis/Mary and even Julian/Lola was full of feels. I knew Julian was broke,but I didn’t think that he was an identity thief. It was too stupid not to remove the ring if he knew that the uncle was coming. Poor Lola-I have to wonder what they’ll do with her after the baby.

Bash killing that pagan bit him in the ass as it should have. Bash has done stupid things before and didn’t feel bad about it. Pascal knowing it was him smells trouble. Meanwhile, Mary and Francis have another conflict added to the other stuff this week. Her uncle really is a savvy politician and I’m sure that Francis is bitter. He tried to make his father see reason,but even after he managed to make a dent, the Duke makes sure that Henry only trusts him. The previews are so disturbing. Marrying Mary and killing Francis really is bizarre and I hope that the lance incident is accurate,but not to creepy.

Orphan Black: This show never ceases to amaze me. Helena’s flashback made me want to throw up and using instruments is so nasty. I’m glad that she killed Grace and then Daniel. Sarah has every right to be scared,but even if Helena isn’t going to hurt her,the bloody dress, the knife and the hug was too much.  As usual, Allison delighted and all of her scenes were hilarious. If Donnie and the Dyad get custody of the kids,I will be pissed off. Thank god that Felix is there for her or she’d be lost.

The backstory about Project Leda and the clones is so interesting. I never thought about it like that and they’d all have to be inseminated and then carried by a surrogate. It’s so strange that Rachel wound up having a childhood, though. We all thought that she was cold and clinical because she was raised by the Dyad. Finding out that she had a happy childhood and Daniel was her boyfriend threw me for a loop. She could have been raised like Sarah and Helena if Amelia hadn’t run away.

I’m worried about Cosima. The more we see of Jennifer,the more serious it gets. She can’t hide it forever and I just hope that Sarah meets them before Cosima’s condition gets any worse. Kira, however, is a different story. She and Cal need to take a long, long drive across the border and return next season. He’s cooler than Paul,but his function is still to keep Kira off our screens.


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