This week in tv, part 1

Once Upon A Time: This had parts that were really good and others that were ordinary. I loved that Regina had her time to shine and everyone supported her. It cracked me up that Dorothy was a fake-me-out. It is silly to throw water on Zalena and expect her to die. I hate that her friendship with Glinda and the others went south though. She didn’t have to be jealous of Dorothy and she managed to get rid of her without using her powers.

I’m not impressed by Outlaw Queen,however. We waited so long to see things about them,but all we got to see were flashbacks were they were bickering. They had chemistry in Storybrooke and didn’t get along in FTL. I felt cheated and they hadn’t spent that year falling in love.

Emma…she’s so delusional. Henry has his memory back and he’ll never go back to New York. All she’ll do is make her family upset, piss Regina off and seem selfish. I’m glad that she’s finally rid of the burden placed on her,but she can’t have a normal life. Hook has her pegged and she knows that she can’t deny his observations.

Rumplestiltskin hurts my head. He proposed to Belle and all she asked was that he not get revenge on Zalena. It’s not that hard and even Regina didn’t want to kill her. It’s going to bite him in the ass,he’ll lose his woman and everyone will judge him. I know his son died,but the Wicked Witch was defeated. Neal wouldn’t nag him to kill her, he would have been thrilled that his father kept him safe.  Other than that,it was a great episode. I can’t wait until next week.

Game of Thrones: I was spoiled for some of this and it didn’t fail to deliver. Lyssa is too creepy for words and Sansa has traded life among one crazy family to another. Robert is a mama’s boy and Lyssa will be twice as crazy when he gets married.

I liked seeing Margaery and Cersei interact. Margarey’s creepy conversation with Tommen was just wrong,but it did work. Cersei has accepted things, which is kind of nice. I didn’t know that the Lannisters were broke and it made me laugh. It’s all started to bite them in the ass and I’m loving it. I’m glad Myrcella was brought up-I always felt bad for her.

The Brienne portion bored me and to some degree, so did Dany’s portion.  However, Bran and Jon’s scenes in the North more than made up for it. I’m thrilled that Locke died such a horrible death and so did Burn Gorman’s character. I’m really intrigued by the tree,but I’m worried for Jojen.

Salem: This show is starting to bore me. I may keep watching since Revenge will be over next week, but I feel like it’s the same old, same old. Mary plots and schemes, the other witches worry about getting caught and John is the one who makes everyone see sense.

Revenge: This…was just amazing. It makes up for the b.s. about her memory and some of the dumber stuff in season 2. I don’t like Aiden at all,but he does match Emily fairly well. I was angry with her and Aiden for what they did to Charlotte,but the horror on her face made it worthwhile. If she were real,I’d hug her. Her sister got murdered and so did her father. She lost Declan as well-She can’t catch a break.  Daniel is full of crap and both Margaux and Victoria will kick his ass for lying about his role in things. I want him to pay sooner than Victoria-She’s a villain you love to hate.

Resurrection: This show was quiet and slow, which isn’t my usual style. However, these last two episodes have been awesome. Rachel coming back and seeing her old body? Wtf?

Jacob and Marty continue to be the best thing about the show. I’m not really invested in any particular ships, I just like the family bond they have. Maggie and Bellamy are too obvious, even if Rachel and Tom have chemistry.

Fred is an asshole and really did take things too far. Just because his wife was never happy doesn’t mean that he gets to take Jacob away from his brother, a pregnant Rachel from Tom and every single cop whose loved ones came back to them. On top of everything, his daughter gets arrested because of his bullshit. Bellamy getting caught with Jacob was heartbreaking.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: This episode was funny, but it didn’t make me feel bad for Ward at all. It made me feel bad for Mike, though. I don’t get what Reina’s weird deal is,but I’m curious. I just wish that this Fitz and Simmons thing was over already. It’s silly and I hate dragged out love triangles. Garrett’s plan is kind of awesome and I care more about this stuff,not manpain and Fitz’s stupid mancrush on Ward. Minh continues to be made of awesome,even if I dislike the constant mistakes tv writers make when it comes to “Strong Women”.  Skye being cyber-kinetic makes me giddy, it really does. They need someone “special” on their side and the Avengers have better things to do. If her parents are H.Y.D.R.A., I’ll die laughing.

Overall,this episode was one of the best,even if I don’t feel bad for Ward. He’s an asshat,he’s getting what he deserves and only cared about what happened to Skye in the end. I’m looking forward to the season finale.



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