Game of Thrones

I’m not one to deny my mistakes and after talking to a friend about the controversial rape scene, I found out that it was indeed meant to be a rape. It not being rape in the books and GRRM saying that it was never intended to be as such seemed pretty convincing, as well as Lena Headey and Co. being so doubtful. However, at the end of the day, if D&D say it was intended to be rape, then it is and I’m disgusted.

I don’t care if her reason for not having sex was because it was in the sept by their son’s corpse, he should have respected her right to say no. If it was intended to be passion, then they did a terrible job executing the scenes. Why the hell did they edit the parts to make it seem like rape? If she was supposed to eventually succumb to passion and stop caring about the fact that her son’s corpse is nearby, then the creators really are twisted.

I’m glad that Alex Greaves didn’t intend for it to be rape, but why did they tone down things in the background or Cersei grabbing the skirt on the tomb? Even if Jamie said that he didn’t care, it would have still given us a hint of what the scene was about.

I’ve been spoiled to a great degree when it comes to the books and I’m angry. Brienne is supposed to go off looking for Sansa,but Podrick isn’t involved. Jamie did actually help her, even if I’m not so sure about the sword. After all their efforts to make Jamie seem like he had changed, now he’ll look bad.

It wasn’t supposed to be a rape scene, especially if she succumbed to passion and her intent was protesting the setting. Alas,the results wound up being horrible and missing the mark by a foot. It also revealed a major spoiler last week, which means that they’re slipping up, big time.

I’ll review the show tomorrow, along with Salem and Once Upon A Time.






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