This week’s TV reviews, part 2

Revolution: This episode was great, even if I had some concerns. We should have seen more of Charlie’s flashbacks and less nano crap. I did like how Nano!Ben called Miles out on what a serious douchelord he is. Rachel having slept with his best friend is him getting his own medicine. Rachel is a fucking slut and I still can’t believe they killed Nora off for a whore who pretends to be on a higher moral plane than everyone else.  I feel for Tom,even if he really did bring this upon himself. Charlie loved his son more than Tom ever did. He’s going to die a broken, lonely man and wish he could do it all over again.

The best parts were Miles suffering, Rachel getting told off and the Nano telling Aaron that Miles wasn’t worth it. Why again does Aaron care? I mean,since when has Miles given a crap about him? I like that they’re performing experiments on people. I’m tired of Aaron being an island character and a long, drawn-out storyline,but they finally used those damn things for a point.

Reign: It wasn’t really as exciting as last week. While I loved seeing the De Medicis, I was more interested in overall plot storylines. I loved the scenes with Francis and Leith, as well as Portenza, Mary and Catherine.  Lola and Julian were cute,although I honestly expected him to vanish without a trace. Really,this episode was enjoyable because Mary was boss. She’s usually too nice,but she showed her steel as a queen.

Orphan Black: Holy crap. The ending was so, so fucking creepy. Helena’s “wedding” was bizarre and the fact that she’s probably going to get raped pisses me off. She has it the worst,even if the Dyad caught Sarah after using Kira as bait.  Speaking of Kira,she’s starting to creep me out. How the hell did/would she know that Cal was her father? Unless I hear otherwise, there aren’t any psychics on the show.

Allison was just awesome. Rejecting Donnie’s advances,the vacuuming, the drinking, Felix in the audience and falling on Donnie-She never stops being adorable. I loved how she handled Angie, too. She had every right to be suspicious,even if Angie isn’t with the Dyad or the Proletheans.

I think Cosima can trust Delphine,but seeing that video of the dead clone was disturbing. I wonder how long it’s going to take for Cosima to get that far into her sickness. Perhaps Delphine is thinking of how to come up with a cure?


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