This week’s tv reviews, part 1

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Man…all of those people who were into Ward/Skye must be so pissed. I couldn’t be more pleased and his character has always bored me. He’s the last person they’d ever think of as a traitor, but there he was. This episode was cool and not all shows handle a ship having issues like this.

Maria Hill needs to show up more and she was awesome. I hope that Coulson is in the Avengers movie. Him being the one behind Tahiti was bullshit, though. It was boring, anticlimactic and not worth the effort.  Fitz,just tell Simmons how you feel. Even Ward the traitor thinks you should hustle.

Revolution: I did not expect this. I figured Tom would die in this episode after an emotional scene with Charlie. I wish that they had shown more flashbacks and less of everyone poking and prodding. She just had to do something god-awful and needs time to process shit.

Rachel is such a whore. I loved Ben’s ghost yelling at Miles and I wonder how they’d both feel if they knew that she slept with Bass,too. She can snark and protest all she wants,but she had consensual sex with the man she loves’s bro. First she sleeps with two brothers and now two bros? Bass broke the bro code,but Rachel broke the ho code.

I wish Priscilla would go away. The nanites are a pain in the ass,Aaron is an island character and they’ve made him useless. I don’t get why he even gives a fuck about Miles. Miles sure as hell doesn’t care about him. He usually gets dismissed and only Charlie and Rachel give a shit.

Charlie and Connor is just gross. he’s not good enough,he can’t take care of her and he has no game whatsoever. Tom should kill him in the next episode,but we all know Tom is the one who’s going to die.



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