Orphan Black

Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley weren’t on this past weekend and I’m doing a different post on Revolution,since it’s been canceled.

This show just keeps getting better. Helena was hilarious and so was Allison. I loved the bonding between Sarah and Helena-It was too cute. I don’t know enough about genetics to process the technical portion,but if they’re not clones,what are they? We really need Dr. Duncan to reveal more. If Rachel became the way she is because of her mother,then she’s slightly easier to understand. Paul is beyond lame and any time with him is wasted. If Mrs. S hadn’t brought over tea to talk business,I’d be annoyed.

Poor Allison-She can’t trust anyone but Felix,can she? I wish Angie would just go away. Her character is unnecessary, Art gets better results and her attempts never work. The fact that they had to bring back Vic is just sad. I’m just hoping that some good comes out of those scenes and this storyline.


Sunday reviews

Now that every show except for Revolution and Orphan Black are done for the season, I plan on doing daily reviews. Until summer season starts, this is the format.

Game of Thrones: This is the best season so far. I was spoiled,but this far surpassed my expectations. Lyssa did all sorts of insane things for a man who’s in love with her mother. I think it’s nasty that he kissed Sansa,but she knows that he’s always loved Catelyn.  Why the hell did he kiss Sansa right after telling her that he could have been her father? I want to throw up and he’s even crazier than Lyssa.

I loved Oberyn’s talk with Tyrion. Cersei’s actions when he was a baby have a lot to do why I hate her. I hate Tywin for what happened to Elia,but seeing as the Mountain raped her, he needs to die first. Everyone’s left Tyrion and abandoned him,even Bronn. I hate that Jaime has to keep his end of the bargain,even if Tyrion wanted a trial by combat.

The parts with Arya and the Hound were boring and so were the ones with Brienne and Podrick. To be honest, it’s a weak and unnecessary storyline. It’s not adding anything to the story and it’s boring to boot.   Daneyrs and Daario was fun,but I’m getting tired of how hypocritical she is. She’s not even listening to her advisors and her thing about slavers is old news. The conversation between Melissandre and the queen was boring too and only Jon’s portion was relevant.

Silicon Valley: I didn’t like this episode. While Jared/Richard would be a fun crackship, the rest was boring. The part abut Gilefoy’s code was funny,but the rest was stupid. I can’t tell if Pied Piper as compression software has been an epic fail or they just lost the contest, but either way, I didn’t enjoy it.


This week in tv part 2

Revolution: I thought that this would be the finale,but I’m glad it’s not. This was a good episode, because Rachel being involved with the nano isn’t just logical,it’s better. If Connor turns on Monroe with Neville,I’d like him better. Even if Miles is an asshole, Charlie and Monroe are great. I don’t dislike Gene,but if he dies, I won’t care. I also feel bad for Marion-If Truman said that not everyone will die, why didn’t he let her live?

That mustard gas thing is insane and they already have the town’s loyalty. I get wanting to kill the president of Texas,but gassing the town? I agree with some of the commenters on a  Charlie/Monroe thread. Willoughby was a waste of time and probably made the numbers go down. It was nowhere near as interesting as the nano could have been and the Patriot storyline wore out its welcome.

Reign: I loved it. I missed some of what Catherine said to Henry,but the scene was really moving. Henry’s entire deathbed portion was amazing,especially with Francis. The hug between Bash and Framcis was awesome. I think it’s weird that Kenna didn’t react, but whatever. Part of me wants them to adopt Pascal-He’s a cutie.

Francis killing Henry was an awesome twist, it really was. He didn’t want to,but he had no choice. It’s going to weigh on him,but at least he’s distracted now with the plague and Lola’s baby. I feel bad about Lola,since I like her. However,she hasn’t really had anything to do in awhile and Julian was obviously up to something. They need the plague to cost them and a handmaiden who was friends with both Francis and Mary will hurt.

The darkness storyline was stupid and they could have discovered why eons ago. I’m also not looking forward to Leith being with Castleroy’s daughter. It’s too soapy and the CW has thrown history out the window at this point.

Orphan Black: This was an episode I always hoped for. Sarah finally cares about Helena,  Helena has calmed down towards Felix and anyone else. The way they punished Grace was creepy,but ask me if I give a shit. Maggie Chen’s locker was interesting and so were the things they found about Project LEDA.

Rachel…is just bizarre. The way she had sex with Paul was nasty and the fact that she thought it was what Sarah would like was even more disturbing. Helena watching them made it even worse. I don’t blame Helena for wanting to kill Rachel-She’s a crazy bitch. I have no idea how exactly she’ll react to her father being alive,but she can’t be contained all the time.  I’m glad that Leekie went behind Rachel’s back and agreed to help Cosima. It does matter more that they find Ethan Duncan.

I wish they’d stop showing Cal and Kira. It’s getting on my nerves,we get that Kira is special and Cal is supposed to be a plot device, much like Paul. We could have used those scenes to show more about Cosima’s sickness, what Helena knows or well…anything.

This week in tv, part 1

I’m doing a separate entry on Revolution, now that it’s been canceled. I didn’t get to watch Once Upon A Time on Sunday,so I watched it today.

Once Upon A Time: DAMNIT! They ruined a perfect finale by screwing over two ships that already have tension. Swan Queen is over and Emma ruined Outlaw Queen. The press and attention for the couple was buildup,all so that it ends before it barely started. The fact that Frozen is the next tale is really, really annoying.

That being said,it really was perfect. Emma embraced her role and her family, she stopped being afraid of her magic and she saw how much Hook loves her. There really hasn’t been much focus on her and a great article described it perfectly. Even if I’m mad about Rumple lying to Belle and betraying her trust, their wedding was beautiful. Snowing was perfect when we saw it through Emma’s eyes. Also, they finally brought Katherine back,which is just awesome.

Silicon Valley: This show continues to be made of awesome. Maybe because it’s the first season or maybe because it’s HBO, I don’t know. I can recognize and relate to all of the characters and their references. My favorites so far are Jared and Dinesh. I don’t know why, but they amuse me.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Epic. Coulson is in charge now,Ward didn’t get redeemed or glorified, Mike was finally free, Mei kicked Ward’s ass and Fitz and Simmons lived. He finally told her how he feels and Fury making an appearance was icing on the cake. I’m wondering if the parent holding the picture of Skye is her mother or father,but it doesn’t matter. The show had a lot of funny moments and Garrett’s death was awesome.  I hope that Skye is cyber-kinetic. It’s a natural fit for her and so is technopathy.


Sunday’s reviews

It’s mother’s day, so I missed Once Upon a Time.  I no longer watch Salem and plan to do reviews on Silicon Valley after Revenge airs its finale.

Game of Thrones: I was spoiled,but it was still great to see.  I didn’t know about Dany’s part and enjoyed it a lot,as well as the council talking about her. Shae looks bitter and it adds to things-So does Jamie. He made a deal, although there’s no point asking for the Wall. It never happens and he’ll probably die the way Ned did. Tyrion’s speech was the best part and they really are assholes.

Revenge: What the serious fuck, show? This is almost like “How I Met Your Mother”, only there were delicious parts. I’m done with the show,but it did have its moments. We all saw Charlotte realizing Jack set her free and some of us guessed that Aiden would die,but I didn’t think that Conrad would. I didn’t think Victoria would wind up in an asylum,either. Gideon has a problem the way the rest of his family does,but Daniel suffering makes up for leaving the poor prostitute for dead.

Emily walking away was epic,though. If only it were enough-David is alive. He’s the world’s worst father,he’s creepy as hell, he scared one daughter and made her distraught and ruined Emily’s life. She threw away chances for happiness, children and any kind of life, all to get revenge on the people who ruined her and her father’s lives. Why the hell couldn’t he do it?

I can’t stand it when shows kill the premise of the show. It makes no sense,it pisses off the fans and S4 will have a lot less returning viewers. I could have watched Silicon Valley tonight-At least it would be consistent. No one’s leaving Palo Alto, going fishing in Alaska or anything analog.

This week in tv, part 2

Revolution: This episode wasn’t as good as last week, despite the trailer. The good part? Tom getting revenge, Gene fixing up Miles and Charlie. The bad parts? Rachel, Rachel and more Rachel. Miles has always been a pain,but it’s cruel to make us think that they’re finally over, when it’s clearly a prank. Connor did a bit more this time,but overall,he annoys me.

We needed more Charlie in this episode and less waffling about the Patriots. Kill them and get it over with, dammit. Rachel’s high horse is unbelievable and she’s no saint. Innocent people have been getting killed ever since the blackout and desperate times call for desperate measures. I’d rather she sticking to getting the nano out of Priscilla. It’s creepy as hell,the gas probably made Priscilla sick and the idea of altering limbic systems is fucked up. It’s mental rape and you can’t just force people to feel an emotion.

Reign: This episode was shippy as hell. Bash/Kenna, Francis/Mary and even Julian/Lola was full of feels. I knew Julian was broke,but I didn’t think that he was an identity thief. It was too stupid not to remove the ring if he knew that the uncle was coming. Poor Lola-I have to wonder what they’ll do with her after the baby.

Bash killing that pagan bit him in the ass as it should have. Bash has done stupid things before and didn’t feel bad about it. Pascal knowing it was him smells trouble. Meanwhile, Mary and Francis have another conflict added to the other stuff this week. Her uncle really is a savvy politician and I’m sure that Francis is bitter. He tried to make his father see reason,but even after he managed to make a dent, the Duke makes sure that Henry only trusts him. The previews are so disturbing. Marrying Mary and killing Francis really is bizarre and I hope that the lance incident is accurate,but not to creepy.

Orphan Black: This show never ceases to amaze me. Helena’s flashback made me want to throw up and using instruments is so nasty. I’m glad that she killed Grace and then Daniel. Sarah has every right to be scared,but even if Helena isn’t going to hurt her,the bloody dress, the knife and the hug was too much.  As usual, Allison delighted and all of her scenes were hilarious. If Donnie and the Dyad get custody of the kids,I will be pissed off. Thank god that Felix is there for her or she’d be lost.

The backstory about Project Leda and the clones is so interesting. I never thought about it like that and they’d all have to be inseminated and then carried by a surrogate. It’s so strange that Rachel wound up having a childhood, though. We all thought that she was cold and clinical because she was raised by the Dyad. Finding out that she had a happy childhood and Daniel was her boyfriend threw me for a loop. She could have been raised like Sarah and Helena if Amelia hadn’t run away.

I’m worried about Cosima. The more we see of Jennifer,the more serious it gets. She can’t hide it forever and I just hope that Sarah meets them before Cosima’s condition gets any worse. Kira, however, is a different story. She and Cal need to take a long, long drive across the border and return next season. He’s cooler than Paul,but his function is still to keep Kira off our screens.

This week in tv, part 1

Once Upon A Time: This had parts that were really good and others that were ordinary. I loved that Regina had her time to shine and everyone supported her. It cracked me up that Dorothy was a fake-me-out. It is silly to throw water on Zalena and expect her to die. I hate that her friendship with Glinda and the others went south though. She didn’t have to be jealous of Dorothy and she managed to get rid of her without using her powers.

I’m not impressed by Outlaw Queen,however. We waited so long to see things about them,but all we got to see were flashbacks were they were bickering. They had chemistry in Storybrooke and didn’t get along in FTL. I felt cheated and they hadn’t spent that year falling in love.

Emma…she’s so delusional. Henry has his memory back and he’ll never go back to New York. All she’ll do is make her family upset, piss Regina off and seem selfish. I’m glad that she’s finally rid of the burden placed on her,but she can’t have a normal life. Hook has her pegged and she knows that she can’t deny his observations.

Rumplestiltskin hurts my head. He proposed to Belle and all she asked was that he not get revenge on Zalena. It’s not that hard and even Regina didn’t want to kill her. It’s going to bite him in the ass,he’ll lose his woman and everyone will judge him. I know his son died,but the Wicked Witch was defeated. Neal wouldn’t nag him to kill her, he would have been thrilled that his father kept him safe.  Other than that,it was a great episode. I can’t wait until next week.

Game of Thrones: I was spoiled for some of this and it didn’t fail to deliver. Lyssa is too creepy for words and Sansa has traded life among one crazy family to another. Robert is a mama’s boy and Lyssa will be twice as crazy when he gets married.

I liked seeing Margaery and Cersei interact. Margarey’s creepy conversation with Tommen was just wrong,but it did work. Cersei has accepted things, which is kind of nice. I didn’t know that the Lannisters were broke and it made me laugh. It’s all started to bite them in the ass and I’m loving it. I’m glad Myrcella was brought up-I always felt bad for her.

The Brienne portion bored me and to some degree, so did Dany’s portion.  However, Bran and Jon’s scenes in the North more than made up for it. I’m thrilled that Locke died such a horrible death and so did Burn Gorman’s character. I’m really intrigued by the tree,but I’m worried for Jojen.

Salem: This show is starting to bore me. I may keep watching since Revenge will be over next week, but I feel like it’s the same old, same old. Mary plots and schemes, the other witches worry about getting caught and John is the one who makes everyone see sense.

Revenge: This…was just amazing. It makes up for the b.s. about her memory and some of the dumber stuff in season 2. I don’t like Aiden at all,but he does match Emily fairly well. I was angry with her and Aiden for what they did to Charlotte,but the horror on her face made it worthwhile. If she were real,I’d hug her. Her sister got murdered and so did her father. She lost Declan as well-She can’t catch a break.  Daniel is full of crap and both Margaux and Victoria will kick his ass for lying about his role in things. I want him to pay sooner than Victoria-She’s a villain you love to hate.

Resurrection: This show was quiet and slow, which isn’t my usual style. However, these last two episodes have been awesome. Rachel coming back and seeing her old body? Wtf?

Jacob and Marty continue to be the best thing about the show. I’m not really invested in any particular ships, I just like the family bond they have. Maggie and Bellamy are too obvious, even if Rachel and Tom have chemistry.

Fred is an asshole and really did take things too far. Just because his wife was never happy doesn’t mean that he gets to take Jacob away from his brother, a pregnant Rachel from Tom and every single cop whose loved ones came back to them. On top of everything, his daughter gets arrested because of his bullshit. Bellamy getting caught with Jacob was heartbreaking.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: This episode was funny, but it didn’t make me feel bad for Ward at all. It made me feel bad for Mike, though. I don’t get what Reina’s weird deal is,but I’m curious. I just wish that this Fitz and Simmons thing was over already. It’s silly and I hate dragged out love triangles. Garrett’s plan is kind of awesome and I care more about this stuff,not manpain and Fitz’s stupid mancrush on Ward. Minh continues to be made of awesome,even if I dislike the constant mistakes tv writers make when it comes to “Strong Women”.  Skye being cyber-kinetic makes me giddy, it really does. They need someone “special” on their side and the Avengers have better things to do. If her parents are H.Y.D.R.A., I’ll die laughing.

Overall,this episode was one of the best,even if I don’t feel bad for Ward. He’s an asshat,he’s getting what he deserves and only cared about what happened to Skye in the end. I’m looking forward to the season finale.


Game of Thrones

I’m not one to deny my mistakes and after talking to a friend about the controversial rape scene, I found out that it was indeed meant to be a rape. It not being rape in the books and GRRM saying that it was never intended to be as such seemed pretty convincing, as well as Lena Headey and Co. being so doubtful. However, at the end of the day, if D&D say it was intended to be rape, then it is and I’m disgusted.

I don’t care if her reason for not having sex was because it was in the sept by their son’s corpse, he should have respected her right to say no. If it was intended to be passion, then they did a terrible job executing the scenes. Why the hell did they edit the parts to make it seem like rape? If she was supposed to eventually succumb to passion and stop caring about the fact that her son’s corpse is nearby, then the creators really are twisted.

I’m glad that Alex Greaves didn’t intend for it to be rape, but why did they tone down things in the background or Cersei grabbing the skirt on the tomb? Even if Jamie said that he didn’t care, it would have still given us a hint of what the scene was about.

I’ve been spoiled to a great degree when it comes to the books and I’m angry. Brienne is supposed to go off looking for Sansa,but Podrick isn’t involved. Jamie did actually help her, even if I’m not so sure about the sword. After all their efforts to make Jamie seem like he had changed, now he’ll look bad.

It wasn’t supposed to be a rape scene, especially if she succumbed to passion and her intent was protesting the setting. Alas,the results wound up being horrible and missing the mark by a foot. It also revealed a major spoiler last week, which means that they’re slipping up, big time.

I’ll review the show tomorrow, along with Salem and Once Upon A Time.






Note: I plan to do a continuation of this article from a perspective of women and their media image.

Two weeks ago, a scene happened that made the entire tv portion of the fandom. In the altar of the mother, Cersei weeps for her dead son, Joffrey. Jamie is uncomfortable when she continues to keep calling him “our boy”, as he had no actual role in raising Joffrey. After Cersei begs him to avenge their son, he pulls her in his arms and soon after, they kiss. However, once Cersei sees his golden hand,she recoils in digest. Jamie gets angry, calls her “A hateful women” and asks why the gods made him love her. He kisses her and tries to initiate sex,but Cersei repeatedly asks him to stop and claims that it’s not right. Towards the end,she tries to cling to her sash and the altar.

This isn’t rape and “Oathkeeper” wasn’t about restoring Jamie’s character, either. GRRM states that in the books that it’s 100% consensual. If Jamie didn’t arrive until Cersei was weeping over her son’s body,then there was no fight, no rejection or anger on either party. The show changed things drastically and Brienne was locked up until Jamie freed her. Jamie has grown as a character,people are just misinterpreting the scene entirely too much. It’s gross, but it’s disturbing because it’s by their child’s corpse, not because it’s rape.

The show has shown rape several times,but never an actual scene. We don’t see Brienne as she screams during her captivity and the Dothraki who were raping the enemy’s women were completely in the background. The show doesn’t have as much misogyny as people think it does,even if there’s violence against women. Joffrey beat Sansa and killed Ros because he was an asexual sadist who enjoyed beatings and torture. Talisa was killed on the show(not the books) because she was why Robb broke the deal, not because hurting pregnant women is okay. As much as I despised the scene and freaked out,I did understand the reasoning behind it. It was to devastate Robb and show him what choosing love cost him.

They weren’t particular about raping Craster’s daughters either, aside from that one scene. Even then,it was shown because the watchmen who killed Mormont were crazy. If anything, this scene,as well as the one with drinking trough a skull was what we should have focused on. The men get tortured as well and Game of Thrones is popular because it’s darker and grittier than other fantasy shows. It’s also on HBO, which is why we see so many boobs and asses.

In a show where someone gets their penis cut off, a pregnant woman gets murdered, children get burned alive and an animal’s head gets sown onto the body of his master’s corpse,can we just go back to watching? It’s nothing new and if we survived the Red Wedding, we survived the worst of it. The actors are ambivalent for the same reason a lot of people are. If it’s based on source material, then ultimately, it’s not rape. You can’t get angry with them for questioning something that they were told is consensual. Yes,it was creepy and disturbing,but even though the show changed the storyline, the scene’s intent never did.

Is it or isn’t it?

This week’s TV reviews, part 2

Revolution: This episode was great, even if I had some concerns. We should have seen more of Charlie’s flashbacks and less nano crap. I did like how Nano!Ben called Miles out on what a serious douchelord he is. Rachel having slept with his best friend is him getting his own medicine. Rachel is a fucking slut and I still can’t believe they killed Nora off for a whore who pretends to be on a higher moral plane than everyone else.  I feel for Tom,even if he really did bring this upon himself. Charlie loved his son more than Tom ever did. He’s going to die a broken, lonely man and wish he could do it all over again.

The best parts were Miles suffering, Rachel getting told off and the Nano telling Aaron that Miles wasn’t worth it. Why again does Aaron care? I mean,since when has Miles given a crap about him? I like that they’re performing experiments on people. I’m tired of Aaron being an island character and a long, drawn-out storyline,but they finally used those damn things for a point.

Reign: It wasn’t really as exciting as last week. While I loved seeing the De Medicis, I was more interested in overall plot storylines. I loved the scenes with Francis and Leith, as well as Portenza, Mary and Catherine.  Lola and Julian were cute,although I honestly expected him to vanish without a trace. Really,this episode was enjoyable because Mary was boss. She’s usually too nice,but she showed her steel as a queen.

Orphan Black: Holy crap. The ending was so, so fucking creepy. Helena’s “wedding” was bizarre and the fact that she’s probably going to get raped pisses me off. She has it the worst,even if the Dyad caught Sarah after using Kira as bait.  Speaking of Kira,she’s starting to creep me out. How the hell did/would she know that Cal was her father? Unless I hear otherwise, there aren’t any psychics on the show.

Allison was just awesome. Rejecting Donnie’s advances,the vacuuming, the drinking, Felix in the audience and falling on Donnie-She never stops being adorable. I loved how she handled Angie, too. She had every right to be suspicious,even if Angie isn’t with the Dyad or the Proletheans.

I think Cosima can trust Delphine,but seeing that video of the dead clone was disturbing. I wonder how long it’s going to take for Cosima to get that far into her sickness. Perhaps Delphine is thinking of how to come up with a cure?