Orphan Black S2

I love this show and barely find any flaws in it. I didn’t get the chance to review the premiere thanks to my computer,but now I’ll be doing both.

The premiere was hilarious, but also kind of scary. I had no idea that the Proletheans were the ones who took Kira,since the Dyad had more motive. Sarah was fierce as usual,but I’m still wondering what the fish symbol is for. Her interaction with Art was awesome and I’m so glad that she turned to him. Angie is just doing her job,but she has no idea what she’s getting into.

Rachel is an interesting villain, but Paul being there got on my damn nerves. I hate this ship and I hate the character, period. He’s not trustworthy and he cares more about his own skin.

I love Allison,I really do. The musical was hilarious and so was knowing a guy named Ramon. God, the gift baskets and cards were too much. Sarah posing as Cosima was awesome and Delphine was too smart to get fooled. Helena being alive at the end was a shock, since Tatiana Masley said that Helena was dead.

Last Saturday’s episode was darker, but we needed that. I’m terrified for Helena and even if Tomas deserved to die,he’d never rape her. Using her like that is sick and I can’t wait until someone saves her. The new Proleatheans are creepy as hell and worse than Tomas could ever be.

Delphine and Cosima are too cute for words and Rachel’s interaction with her amused me. I like how Cosima took charge and didn’t get phased by Rachel. What I didn’t like was how cruel Felix was being to Allison. She needed him and it’s partially his fault that Aynsley died. She’s being left alone with Donnie and even if he’s an idiot, she knows he’s her monitor.

The whole thing with Mrs. S was depressing. She hadn’t actually kidnapped Kira, she’d never hurt her and even if she was involved with project Leda, she was on Sarah’s side. She dealt with the Proleatheans like a boss.



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