TV reviews for the week, part 2

I’m sorry for the lag, but not having a computer sucks. My Kindle and iPhone were barely effective in order to post.

Reign-I loved this episode,I really did. I ship Francis and Mary,but they forgot to focus on things they said in the pilot. It probably is a trap, but like Mary said, she’s always in danger. In real life, Francis was her consort,so he needs to do what he has to without blocking her needs.

Lola’s husband screams Black Widower. I hope she gets the hell away from him and finds another way to be safe with her baby. She has every right to be suspicious and Greer is supposed to be the sensible one.  I liked seeing Lola happy,but they’d never have Anna leave the show.

I didn’t like them killing Nostradamus and Olivia so soon. They created a great ship and then just tanked it. They’ll be ending Catherine and Henry soon, so it’s twice as depressing. On the upside, Bash and Kenna have finally grown on me. Their struggles to try and function as man and wife is funny and slightly endearing.

Orphan Black-Words cannot express how perfect this show is. It gave a fan favorite another chance, it was hilarious and for once, a strong woman doesn’t need a man in her life to function. I loved Felix and Allison the best for obvious reasons.


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