Reviews for the week, part 1

I really had meant to break this up, but I guess life keeps you too busy. Here they are:

Ressurection: I was freaked out at the end. The trailer seems like Rachel’s face is intact, but I really doubt they won’t hit her. It’s gross and she’s still pregnant, even if she’s come back from the dead. Also,the hostility towards Jacob is even worse. He’s a little boy,so what the hell is he going to do? Grief doesn’t give you the right to rape,murder, kidnap or hurt anyone. That guy is a jackass and won’t even let the authority handle things themselves.

NIH was interesting,but ultimately, Bellamy is right: They’ll all become lab rats. The guy seemed earnest and his theory was substantial,but he has bosses and people to answer to. Mobs have no logic and Janine shouldn’t have fallen prey to manipulations. It’s a classic trope, though. It did work and I’m wondering what Tom’s next step is.  I love that Jacob and Henry have finally reconnected. Even if he winds up being a clone or zombie or sorts, he’s still his son. It’s a second chance and he needed to look at it differently. I’m also amused by all the flirting,jealousy and relationship drama. I don’t care,but I thought that the shipper stuff would start later on.

Once Upon A Time: This episode cracked me up. Blackbeard stole the Jolly Roger? Charming let Henry drive his truck? It was hilarious and I think that Hook could take Blackbeard. Using a real pirate was weird, though. They could have used any other fictional pirate, but they didn’t. Ariel amused me and and Joanna Garcia is one of the most accurate characters on the show. She perfected Ariel in every way and fighting for Eric was totally in character for her. Zalena really is devious and the fact that Ariel showed up as a mermaid didn’t make anyone suspicious,even if Ariel arrived with legs the first time she came to Storybrooke.

Hook is awesome and Henry bonding with him is awesome. Even if I wasn’t into Captain Swan,I’d still like it. Henry needs someone to talk to and Snow and Charming aren’t in a place where they can have adventures like they did in FTL.  Henry is comfortable around Regina and Hook because Regina can grasp that he’s not her little boy anymore-He’s 12.  Really,the shipper moments were what made this episode. Ariel/Eric, SwanQueen, Captain Swan and Snowing. I can’t wait until next week and Regina saying Emma had potential made me smile.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: This episode was pretty cool, even if this clairvoyant thing is a disappointment. Reina is a great villain and she’s more gray than “The Clairvoyant”. Ward’s cover was great,but I think he’ll either join the team for real or he’ll die trying to save them. He’s clearly angry about what happened to Skye and even if he knows that she’ll leave him once the truth comes out, he’s still trying to win her over. It’s kind of sad and Skye being the wild card really does complicate things. I know she won’t die since she’s a protagonist of sorts,but she could easily get injured.


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