Sunday’s reviews

Unfortunately, I missed Once Upon A Time and the first had of Ressuerction. I’ll review them tomorrow, but today, I’m sharing my thoughts on Game of Thrones.

This episode was perfection and Joffrey’s death, Loras and Oberon flirting, Ramsey getting yelled at and of course, Joffrey’s death. The way his eyes bugged out made me and everyone else do the happy dance. I can’t wait until the next death occurs and I’m glad they’re being so swift and precise this season. Oberyn was awesome and his comments to Tywin were fun.  Brienne and Cersei’s scenes were awesome. Brienne deserves Jaime a lot more and their kids won’t be crazy, inbred psychos. It isn’t like Cersei even wants him anymore-His hand repulses her.

Natalie Dormier is one of the best actresses for period pieces and anything involving the past. Her gown was stunning, Margarey is awesome and she’s a trooper for trying to keep calm and survive having such a humiliating wedding.

Why did they show Tyrion eating a sausage? That was gross and I’m just glad that I ate dinner by then. I felt so bad for him when he rejected Shae and sent her away. She really would have been killed and he has a duty to Sansa. I’m sure that he’ll be happy for her if he finds out that she ran away.

I really, really hate Ramsey. I don’t know if that girl was his girlfriend or sister, but hunting that girl down for such a stupid reason wasn’t bizarre, it was gross. Torturing Theon and castrating him without orders was serious bullshit. Everyone knows that hostages are powerful leverage when they’re alive and in one piece. Theon is useless and I’m glad that the Boltons can’t have the Iron Islands..  Bran’s scenes were interesting, but out of sorts. It should have occurred next week and had a serious disconnect from the others. Even the Baratheon scenes were, it was just cute when Melissandra interacted with Shireen.

Why does Game of Thrones always play such creepy music? It’s a bit too effective for foreshadowing and makes my skin crawl.



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