This Week in TV

I finally watched Agents of Shield and Once Upon A Time, but since Revolution is on hiatus for two weeks, I’ll review last week’s  episode. Also, starting next week, I’m going to do my reviews day by day instead.

Once Upon a Time: This episode was pretty damn good and had a balanced proportion to things. Zalena’s open confrontation with Regina showed the citizens of Storybrooke that she’s no longer the automatic bad guy. In Rumplestiltskin’s case, he’s a remote detonator, ready to be launched when Zelena uses the dagger. I wanted to feel sorry for her in her backstory, but I didn’t. Had she controlled her emotions, she could have easily been Rumplestiltskin’s favorite pupil. She didn’t even dig into why she was sent into the vortex, which means that she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. She was told that her mother couldn’t become royalty by keeping her and it spoke for itself. It isn’t clear whether or Cora is still in FTL, but if she was, Zalena should have confronted her. Rumple had every right to tell her that he’d do it all over again. Regina has a rhyme and reason to her past misdeeds, as well as a clear-cut background. Zalena is emotionally unstable, only has so much logic and overestimates herself, much like Peter Pan.

That being said, I loved Christopher Gorham as the Wizard of Oz. Having the wizard turn into the very first flying monkey was hilarious and of all people, he’s the one that Emma felt in love with.  I also loved Zalena taunting Rumple and seeing him trying to backtrack about rejecting Zalena.  She’s an extremely entertaining character and her backstory isn’t annoying like Peter Pan’s was. Like many villains, she’s crazy and an emotionally unstable villain’s logic is warped and often times makes no sense.

My favorite parts were Hook and Henry talking about Neal, Zalena interrupting the wake and of course, Robin and Regina. I’m glad that now that she knows who he is, she can trust him with her heart, figureately and literally. She hasn’t lost her chance because he’s always flirting with her and even if she can be exasperating, Tink is still there for her. The Charmings have clearly included Regina into their family, which makes me smile. Snow being pregnant makes me much happier, but the baby will have a large, extended family who are going to fuss over it. This year is about second chances and taking risks and the second half of the season is doing it quite well.

Neal will be missed, but his death was necessary. It was about character development for his loved ones, as well as a theme for the rest of the cast.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I’ll admit, I haven’t seen this one in awhile. Pretty Little Liars was on and until this week, I lost interest in the show. I saw Captain America on Sunday, so I watched to see the tie-in. It was fantastic,even if a lot of it was business as usual. It was the dialogue and shocking twist that made the episode, not the rest. Brody was the least likely suspect and the fact that he’s always been the poster boy for how agents should behave made it so enjoyable. The fact that Brody and Skye finally shared a kiss made it even more memorable.

Coulson and Mei were the only things worth watching aside from this. Coulson is in the movies as well, so his character will always get the most attention. The way he dealt with his old friend “The Clairvoyant” and brought viewers unfamiliar with the backstory insight into H.Y.D.R.A., the enemies shown in X-Men, Captain America and various Avenger projects over the years. Mei’s conversations with Brody and Coulson weren’t just exposition, they were deep insight into the characters, as well as the world the show is built in. Some of the time, Fitz and Simmons are the ones who shine, but I’m my humble opinion, they don’t stand out enough to make us drawn to them.

Revolution: Yet another shocker. I never liked Jason/Charlie in season one, but this episode was heartbreaking. He was her first love, her last memory of the person she used to be and despite her initial cynicism, she did still care about him. He loved her and in the end, she knew that. Having to stab and shoot her first love is going to break an even more damaged character beyond recognition. Her family may be trying to save her, but it’s too little, too late. Charlie hasn’t just become like Rachel, she’s become like Miles. I’ve always despised this pairing and blame them for why Charlie is the way she is.

Monroe has been the only one who can handle her this season, in my opinion. They’re taking his character back by several steps, but it’s obvious that he cares about Charlie a lot. I’m slightly indifferent to Connor/Charlie, but I ship Monroe/Charlie for a reason. Miles isn’t just an asshole, he’s full of crap. It may seem like he cares, but he focuses most of his attention on Rachel and defending his family. He’s not better than Monroe, he just has women in his life to stop him from going back to being “The Butcher of Baltimore”. This episode and the next one will prove instrumental for the overall storyline. Tom has been written into a corner and they didn’t need to kill Jason off, but he was the only cadet that still had any free will. The program hasn’t really sunken into everyone’s heads because it’s not personal and they’re just strangers.  I hate to say it,but Aaron bores the crap out of me. This Nano thing isn’t just overreaching, it’s becoming a plot vacuum so large that it’s going to become a hole by next episode. I want to see the Patriots get killed already, so we can see what the group’s next moves are.

Reign: I love this show, I really do. Megan Follows is brilliant and her night of torrid passion with one of Mary’s subjects was sinfully delicious. However, the best part is Mary, the way she’s supposed to be. She’s learning quickly what it means to be a queen and having her go toe-to-toe with Catherine and corner her into ripping up the clause in the contract was amazing. She went from having naive hope that she could solve the problem by rallying her subjects to anger and cold, calculating behavior. As always, Francis was by her side, stayed objective and supported her.  Henry’s madness is finally starting to show and I’m not happy. I know he has to die like the real Henry did, but Henry and Catherine are my favorite couple. They have an enjoyable dynamic and care about one another, despite their indiscretions. Kenna was a plot device in this episode, but her presence had extremely mixed results.


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