This Week in TV:Part one.

I didn’t watch Once Upon a Time or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but I’ll include it in the second half. Resurrection– I was starting to get bored, but the fourth episode made any of  my ADD-related impatience get shut down. Jacob is adorable and I’m glad that Henry finally realized that he can have a second chance with his son. We knew that Caleb would vanish because he did it in Jacob’s dream, but it was still creepy. Caleb’s arc featured more of Elaine,which is a plus, since I love Samaire Armstrong. This thing with Rachel makes me extremely uneasy. Tom moved on and has been happily married so far. Her being pregnant isn’t just a plot device,it could lead to bizarre and unknown circumstances. WH knows how her baby will turn out? The town is already becoming hostile to new risers(no copyright :P)and Bellamy is already scared for Jacob as it is.

Game of Thrones: I cannot stop raving about the premiere. Only one brothel scene, nothing was unnecessary and it moved the plot forward a lot faster. Seeing the dragons get bigger was really cool, but Dany’s scenes were kind of boring. The Martells are the best new family, aside from the Tyrells. I look forward to Oberon getting revenge and he’s pansexual, which is an interesting note. Indira Varma being there caused me to squeal with delight. I’ve seen her on Torchwood and many other shows and she’s awesome. The Martells bring a lot of diversity in general,which is nice, considering how the season 3 finale ended. Cersei’s excuse to Jamie are such serious bullshit. “You took too long?” She’s repulsed by his hand and he had no control over how long it took. Tywin was succinct and went straight to the point. I can admire that, even if he’s the world’s biggest monster, after the Mountain and Joffrey. Since I think that twincest is disgusting, I’m relieved. Brienne is a much better match for him and changed him as a person.

Things are becoming like the books, which is interesting. Sansa seems repulsed by Tyrion, but I feel sorry for him. He can’t make either of the women in his life happy and it sets the tone for all of the upcoming scenes. Jon’s scene was odd,even if it was necessary. Why the hell do they care about him breaking his vows when there are Walkers headed their way, along with united Wildings ready to attack? Sam and Jon’s talk made me smile and Jon handed Robb’s death better than Sansa did. My favorite part, aside from our introduction to the Martells, was the Tyrells planning Margaery’s wedding. Her “dead swallows” joke was hilarious and she’s the perfect queen. She even managed to save Brienne’s skin by reminding her that Joffrey is her king. I can’t wait for Sansa to have scenes with Margaery, considering that they’re my OTP.

Revenge-This show is a hot mess and I didn’t like this episode much. I don’t give a fuck about Aiden or his manpain. I’m fine with those two being endgame,but this episode was unnecessary. I liked the part about Margaux and Daniel, but that’s about it. They have sizzling chemistry and a triangle between Jack, Daniel and Margaux would be a lot of fun. He played her easily because her father’s comments got under her skin and she’s known him forever. However, throwing away what she has with Jack is stupid. He’s the first man who’s ever supported her, let her be herself and put her first. If she stops being who she is and manages to fall prey to Daniel’s manipulations, I’ll have no respect left for her.

Charlotte’s eventual turn against Jack is a depressing thought. She’ll lose time with Carl and even if she’s loyal to her family, Jack cares about her and vice-versa. Javier is boring,but so is Pascale. All of Victoria’s revolving lovers make me wonder how David could have possibly been her true love. She never mentions him and Patrick was the only interesting storyline she’s had so far. Her going up against Emily is always fun, but this episode didn’t have that. Speaking if Daniel, the show just needs to kill him off. Josh Bowman doesn’t want to play him anymore, the fans despise Daniel and there’s no way to make him seem human now. Conrad and Victoria still mange to be villains you love to hate because they do show some depth and softness, but Daniel has ben getting increasingly repulsive with each episode.

The 100-I gave his show a crappy review,but I decided to watch it again, just to see if anything’s improved. while I won’t call it an epic fail, it still isn’t worth watching. It’s a mish-mash of The Hunger Games, LOST and other shows. This episode reminded me of the second season of Legend of the Seeker. A little kid isn’t what they seem to be and wind up killing someone. My money is on her being a clone of Clarke’s, but I won’t stick around to find out. The idea of the Dharma Initiative sending kids to do their job and leave them defenseless in the wild could have been interesting, but nothing stands out. Each episode seems like a drawn out version of The Hunger Games, as well as a YA spin-off of the Dharma Initiative.


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