Sunday reviews

Sunday is always the biggest tv day for me. Now that Game of Thrones is on and Salem has started, I’ve decided to watch Resurrection  and Revenge OnDemand.

Game of Thrones: It was awesome. Jaime and Brienne parted on better terms than I was told the book was.  Cersei is a crazy bitch,but at least she doesn’t think crazy sex by her child’s dead body is a-okay. This tainted Jamie a little less, but the scene is what it was. I’m glad I was right about lady Olenna. Initially,I thought it was Margaery,but this makes more sense. Lady Olenna knew that Sansa was going to be escaping, the necklace had the poison and it was win-win. Insulting Renly and Loras openly was disgusting, even if the crap with the Starks and Stannis was a given.

Seeing Tyrion and Jamie talk about being kingslayers was great. He really is screwed and it’s nice to know that one person gives a shit. If he had done it,he wouldn’t have been so obvious. Sansa is a much more likely suspect and the fact that she ran away makes her look even guiltier.

I feel sorry for Sansa. Littlefinger is a creepy pedophile and Catelyn is rolling over in her grave. I really doubt Lyssa even cares. She was weird when Catelyn came to see her in season one, even if Bran was her nephew. I could be wrong, who knows. Either way, Littlefinger is going to be a perv behind her back.

The Starks can’t go a season without shit happening,can they? I’m not surpassed about Jon, aside from the fact that he and everyone else bought those people’s bullshit. Everyone told Bran not to go north of the wall,but he did it,anyway. Now Summer and Ghost are screwed, he’s with a creepy asshole who drinks out of his commander’s skull and Jojen had a seizure. I really doubt Bran won’t get his ass kicked before Jon gets there.

I love that we finally saw what the Walkers wanted with the boys. If they’re seriously the Old Gods like I think they are,I will die laughing.  They’ve been worshiping the same damn thing that killed them over a thousand years ago. I liked this portion more than Dany’s stuff in Mereen. It’s getting boring and Ser Barrister was right to tell her to show mercy.

Salem: This show just keeps getting better. Having George finally talk was awesome and John really will hate Mary if he ever finds out. Her conflicted feelings will bite her in the ass and I don’t get why she gave Bridget the doll. I’m wondering about the circle, though. I don’t remember seeing a hand last week and circles meet up for various reasons. John’s voice of reason is slightly dangerous either way. People will think he’s a witch if he keeps questioning their decisions.

Resurrection: Wow. Rachel dying was anticlimactic and I only care because the actor who plays Tom is really good. Gary was a crazy asshole and even if she was acting, Rachel was right. A knife won’t hurt her and he was still attacking a pregnant woman. The fact that hundreds of dead people from various eras is kind of scary. I hate how Jacob is always involved and now yet another little kid is.

Revenge: The show is finally back. I’ll admit,I checked the boards after the episode aired. I still didn’t expect it to be so delicious. She played the role of FBI agent so well and it’s a shame that Emily couldn’t have gone after her father’s killers legally. Pascal’s death was gory,but karma is karma. As usual, Daniel is a shithead,but Conrad got his hands dirty. Also, his face and clothes, which was a surprise.

Even if Victoria is paying for her sins, part of me feels a little bad for her. It’s probably because once in awhile, she’s shown slight glimmers of humanity. I really doubt David is alive because it would ruin the point of the show. This is Revenge, not How I Met Your Mother. I think it must have been a relative of his or just another person who wants to avenge him.

Nolan was the man and I can’t feel sorry for Margaux anymore. She let a good man go,she’s falling into the arms of a sicko and the quest for answers she had originally started on will knock her off her feet when she hears the truth. I am worried for Charlotte,though-Who knows what they’ll do to her and the Graysons getting theirs doesn’t mean that she needs to be dragged into it.


Orphan Black S2

I love this show and barely find any flaws in it. I didn’t get the chance to review the premiere thanks to my computer,but now I’ll be doing both.

The premiere was hilarious, but also kind of scary. I had no idea that the Proletheans were the ones who took Kira,since the Dyad had more motive. Sarah was fierce as usual,but I’m still wondering what the fish symbol is for. Her interaction with Art was awesome and I’m so glad that she turned to him. Angie is just doing her job,but she has no idea what she’s getting into.

Rachel is an interesting villain, but Paul being there got on my damn nerves. I hate this ship and I hate the character, period. He’s not trustworthy and he cares more about his own skin.

I love Allison,I really do. The musical was hilarious and so was knowing a guy named Ramon. God, the gift baskets and cards were too much. Sarah posing as Cosima was awesome and Delphine was too smart to get fooled. Helena being alive at the end was a shock, since Tatiana Masley said that Helena was dead.

Last Saturday’s episode was darker, but we needed that. I’m terrified for Helena and even if Tomas deserved to die,he’d never rape her. Using her like that is sick and I can’t wait until someone saves her. The new Proleatheans are creepy as hell and worse than Tomas could ever be.

Delphine and Cosima are too cute for words and Rachel’s interaction with her amused me. I like how Cosima took charge and didn’t get phased by Rachel. What I didn’t like was how cruel Felix was being to Allison. She needed him and it’s partially his fault that Aynsley died. She’s being left alone with Donnie and even if he’s an idiot, she knows he’s her monitor.

The whole thing with Mrs. S was depressing. She hadn’t actually kidnapped Kira, she’d never hurt her and even if she was involved with project Leda, she was on Sarah’s side. She dealt with the Proleatheans like a boss.


TV reviews for the week, part 2

I’m sorry for the lag, but not having a computer sucks. My Kindle and iPhone were barely effective in order to post.

Reign-I loved this episode,I really did. I ship Francis and Mary,but they forgot to focus on things they said in the pilot. It probably is a trap, but like Mary said, she’s always in danger. In real life, Francis was her consort,so he needs to do what he has to without blocking her needs.

Lola’s husband screams Black Widower. I hope she gets the hell away from him and finds another way to be safe with her baby. She has every right to be suspicious and Greer is supposed to be the sensible one.  I liked seeing Lola happy,but they’d never have Anna leave the show.

I didn’t like them killing Nostradamus and Olivia so soon. They created a great ship and then just tanked it. They’ll be ending Catherine and Henry soon, so it’s twice as depressing. On the upside, Bash and Kenna have finally grown on me. Their struggles to try and function as man and wife is funny and slightly endearing.

Orphan Black-Words cannot express how perfect this show is. It gave a fan favorite another chance, it was hilarious and for once, a strong woman doesn’t need a man in her life to function. I loved Felix and Allison the best for obvious reasons.

Reviews for the week, part 1

I really had meant to break this up, but I guess life keeps you too busy. Here they are:

Ressurection: I was freaked out at the end. The trailer seems like Rachel’s face is intact, but I really doubt they won’t hit her. It’s gross and she’s still pregnant, even if she’s come back from the dead. Also,the hostility towards Jacob is even worse. He’s a little boy,so what the hell is he going to do? Grief doesn’t give you the right to rape,murder, kidnap or hurt anyone. That guy is a jackass and won’t even let the authority handle things themselves.

NIH was interesting,but ultimately, Bellamy is right: They’ll all become lab rats. The guy seemed earnest and his theory was substantial,but he has bosses and people to answer to. Mobs have no logic and Janine shouldn’t have fallen prey to manipulations. It’s a classic trope, though. It did work and I’m wondering what Tom’s next step is.  I love that Jacob and Henry have finally reconnected. Even if he winds up being a clone or zombie or sorts, he’s still his son. It’s a second chance and he needed to look at it differently. I’m also amused by all the flirting,jealousy and relationship drama. I don’t care,but I thought that the shipper stuff would start later on.

Once Upon A Time: This episode cracked me up. Blackbeard stole the Jolly Roger? Charming let Henry drive his truck? It was hilarious and I think that Hook could take Blackbeard. Using a real pirate was weird, though. They could have used any other fictional pirate, but they didn’t. Ariel amused me and and Joanna Garcia is one of the most accurate characters on the show. She perfected Ariel in every way and fighting for Eric was totally in character for her. Zalena really is devious and the fact that Ariel showed up as a mermaid didn’t make anyone suspicious,even if Ariel arrived with legs the first time she came to Storybrooke.

Hook is awesome and Henry bonding with him is awesome. Even if I wasn’t into Captain Swan,I’d still like it. Henry needs someone to talk to and Snow and Charming aren’t in a place where they can have adventures like they did in FTL.  Henry is comfortable around Regina and Hook because Regina can grasp that he’s not her little boy anymore-He’s 12.  Really,the shipper moments were what made this episode. Ariel/Eric, SwanQueen, Captain Swan and Snowing. I can’t wait until next week and Regina saying Emma had potential made me smile.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: This episode was pretty cool, even if this clairvoyant thing is a disappointment. Reina is a great villain and she’s more gray than “The Clairvoyant”. Ward’s cover was great,but I think he’ll either join the team for real or he’ll die trying to save them. He’s clearly angry about what happened to Skye and even if he knows that she’ll leave him once the truth comes out, he’s still trying to win her over. It’s kind of sad and Skye being the wild card really does complicate things. I know she won’t die since she’s a protagonist of sorts,but she could easily get injured.

Sunday’s reviews

Unfortunately, I missed Once Upon A Time and the first had of Ressuerction. I’ll review them tomorrow, but today, I’m sharing my thoughts on Game of Thrones.

This episode was perfection and Joffrey’s death, Loras and Oberon flirting, Ramsey getting yelled at and of course, Joffrey’s death. The way his eyes bugged out made me and everyone else do the happy dance. I can’t wait until the next death occurs and I’m glad they’re being so swift and precise this season. Oberyn was awesome and his comments to Tywin were fun.  Brienne and Cersei’s scenes were awesome. Brienne deserves Jaime a lot more and their kids won’t be crazy, inbred psychos. It isn’t like Cersei even wants him anymore-His hand repulses her.

Natalie Dormier is one of the best actresses for period pieces and anything involving the past. Her gown was stunning, Margarey is awesome and she’s a trooper for trying to keep calm and survive having such a humiliating wedding.

Why did they show Tyrion eating a sausage? That was gross and I’m just glad that I ate dinner by then. I felt so bad for him when he rejected Shae and sent her away. She really would have been killed and he has a duty to Sansa. I’m sure that he’ll be happy for her if he finds out that she ran away.

I really, really hate Ramsey. I don’t know if that girl was his girlfriend or sister, but hunting that girl down for such a stupid reason wasn’t bizarre, it was gross. Torturing Theon and castrating him without orders was serious bullshit. Everyone knows that hostages are powerful leverage when they’re alive and in one piece. Theon is useless and I’m glad that the Boltons can’t have the Iron Islands..  Bran’s scenes were interesting, but out of sorts. It should have occurred next week and had a serious disconnect from the others. Even the Baratheon scenes were, it was just cute when Melissandra interacted with Shireen.

Why does Game of Thrones always play such creepy music? It’s a bit too effective for foreshadowing and makes my skin crawl.