Last week, Resurrection and Believe premiered. I’ve never been able to start reviewing shows because I missed the train for most of my shows. I still plan on trying to review them, but these have given me a chance to make a fresh start, much like Resurrection. Both have to do with faith and belief, but they have one big difference: The protagonist.

Resurrection is about an FBI agent who’s charged with taking a missing boy to social services. When Jacob tells him where his home is, the agent takes him back to Arcadia, MO. Jacob Langston turns out to be the dead son of the Henry and Lucille family. As everyone starts to question Jacob’s identity, another miracle happens. Another character, Elaine sees her dead father again after a confrontation with her brother.

This show was extremely interesting and character-driven, with Omar Epps as Agent Bellamy, the agent who takes Jacob home to Arcadia. I’d give this show four stars.

Believe premiered on Monday night and went to its usual time slot, Sundays at 9 p.m. The show is about a young girl named Bo who possesses Supernatural powers. Whoever has her can use her as a weapon for good or evil. A criminal named Tate is her reluctant protector.  In the end of the premiere, it’s revealed that Tate is her father, although neither of them are aware.

Both shows are feel good and a pleasant alternative to all the current mid-season shows, but at the end of the day Resurrection is the show that’s worth watching. Believe is too much like Touch and the main difference is that Bo can talk and her father doesn’t know he’s her father. The supernatural portion is an overused trope and NBC already has two shows that either have a Supernatural element(Revolution)or are Supernatural, like Dracula. Believe doesn’t have enough to make it stand out on its own. I’d give it three stars.

Feel-good shows that add substance to the mix


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