Fandom rising, part one: Bubbling to the surface

Fandom means a lot to a lot of different levels,but about the end of the day, it’s fan culture, period. “Feels”, as fans refer to it get connected with characters, ships, and a media project are because a person, place or thing is symbolic. Lois and Clark, Pete Parker and Mary Jane, Ken and Barbie, Snow White and Prince Charming all represent fond memories of our childhood, our parent’s childhood and so on. In turn, when people become parents, they pass on the tale as well. Attaching meaning to a person, place and thing is a long tradition in history, but the way we express our reactions to it is what’s changed. ┬áLast week, most of the season finales aired. For many shows,it was the series finale. The new shows that have started caused a lot of feels,too. In layman’s terms,I’ll explain what the hell feels are and why people care.

If you feel nothing when momentous occasions occur on the show, it’s on hiatus or anything like that,then the actors, writers and co. haven’t done their job. This has been true long before fandom was even created. Fictional characters, romances, relationships and personalities all have meaning and become pop culture icons because we assign various adjectives, feelings and opinions about them.

There’s a heavy stigma on fan culture when there shouldn’t be. Yes,overzealous fans(Also known as stans) are scary,but with most fandoms,they’re not the majority. Most fans just like discussing the episodes, their favorite characters and celebrating the relationships between various characters. It’s harmless, it gets discussed in real life and if football teams have fans who dress in team colors and paint letters on their chest,fans should be allowed to get emotional when something bad happens. The strength of the performers and writers are what these feelings get based on, as well as whether or not they stop watching.

I can only bring things up in fantoms I’m in,but here they are:

Once Upon A Time-I myself have had strong feelings that made me stop watching and start again over the last 3 years. This past season has given people so many strong feelings because triangles made everyone tense and angry,characters like Peter Pan were ruined and instances and ships the show set us up to enjoy were shattered.

A lot of people want Emma and Regina to be together and the ones who slash them hate the idea of Regina/Robin. The stans all lash out at the actors,but most fans are just put off and wonder whether they’ll come back. This is because Once Upon A Time has the best portrayal of the Evil Queen so far and it’s hard not to like her at all. They showed why she hates Snow White and filled in so many blanks. A joint family is a great and beautiful thing, but not everyone wants to slash them(Slash is slang for homosexual relationships).

Picking Robin Hood was extremely risky and it wasn’t just because he and Marian are an iconic couple. Robin is a noble turned criminal, he’s a man of honor and a woman like Regina is the last person he’d be attracted to. However,despite how little we got to see of their time in Fairy Tale Land,they did have physical chemistry. It may have seemed forced in the beginning,but in Storybrooke,they sizzled. He makes her believe in second chances and appreciates her and she’s his second chance as well. Marian’s arrival made people angry because even if it was thoughtless, stubborn and stupid of Emma, Marian’s death is why Robin moved on. You have to decide how you feel about Robin and Marian being back together and it’s hard. They’re a couple that we’ve all loved for centuries, but we also want Regina to be more than the Evil Queen. She and Snow White have never resolved their conflict before and Emma is Snow White’s child.

Between that and Rumplestiltskin’s son Neal being killed by the Wicked Witch, it’s been emotional. The first half with Peter Pan made people irritated after he wore out his welcome and stopped being Peter Pan. Robbie Kay’s Peter still has plenty of fans,but Peter/Malcolm needed to go. Our favorite characters suffered and we suffered and rejoiced along with them.

Revenge-Boy, this season was a doozy. It got annoying last season too, but not to the point where it angered this many people. Bringing David Clark back defies the premise and means that Emily Thorne devoted so much time and energy to avenge a man who wasn’t just alive, he left her. I’m going to go into this further, but it’s still infuriating. Aiden, Emily’s lover had fans,but he also had haters. However, even his haters were shocked and disgusted by how horrific his death was. Speaking as someone who couldn’t stand him, I wanted to throw up. Positioning him like that was psychotic and unnecessary.

Between Daniel getting worse every day, the amnesia storyline and the boring crap with new characters, this season took eons to make it somewhat appealing before the end. I don’t plan on tuning in unless they have a damn good explanation for why David Clarke is alive.