This blog is about all things fandom and new media. It doesn’t cover more specific things like the Twilight Craze or Harry Potter Slash, but it does cover things like the main heroine’s role in fandom, mary sues and of course, unconventional ships. I have a sister site called coveting bliss I may cross-post on, but any and all questions and comments in sensitive posts will be screened and anyonymous for your privacy. No matter how kooky, dorky or abnormal everyone tells you it is, share your fandom experiences here.

I’m a fangirl who’s been involved with fandom before I even knew the word existed. As you can see in the title,I like ships that aren’t the OTP presented on the show,as well as ships that aren’t offered as any possiblility in the story,show,movie or whatever medium it’s portrayed in. I plan to analyze as well as rant about various behaviors, tropes and trends in the world of fan culture.

My fandoms:

Once Upon A Time
How I Met Your Mother
2 Broke Girls
Switched At Birth
Pretty Little Liars
The Big Bang Theory
The Vampire Diaries(Kind of)
White Collar
Orphan Black
Doctor Who
Game of Thrones


Introductory post

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